LiftMaster 535LM Garage Door Opener Universal Radio Control Receiver - 390MHz

Liftmaster 535LM Garage Door Opener Universal Radio Control Receiver - 390MHz

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Liftmaster 535LM Garage Door Opener Universal Radio Control Receiver - 390MHz Instruction Manual
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Product Description

The LiftMaster 535LM 390MHz Universal Radio Control Receiver is 390MHz and suitable for most three-wire systems without a transformer and for garage door openers manufactured after April 1982. The FCC-certified LiftMaster 535LM boasts a jumper option for either constant or momentary relay contact, accepts up to eight Security+ remote control codes and one Keyless Entry code, and comes with a three-year warranty. It is compatible with these LiftMaster remote control units:

One-button - LiftMaster 971LM

Two-button - LiftMaster 972LM

Three-button - LiftMaster 973LM

Wireless Keypad - LiftMaster 976LM

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: As a package to improve reliability of my door opener. The current transmitter is weak and worn out. by Jim W 8/19/2014
COMMENT: Current receiver in liftmaster opener failed. by J S 2/7/2014
QUESTION: The three wire receiver in my old garage door opener has died. I purchased a liftmaster 535LM receiver. I have two liftmaster 373LM remotes. How do I program the new 535LM receiver to recognize the 373LM remote<br />The old garage door opener does not have a "Learn" button.<br /><br />Thanks a bunch? by None N 5/18/2014
ANSWER: Open plastic cover on receiver. Press learn button that is inside receiver. light on learn button will come on. Press and release remote button on remote repeatedly until garage door opens. Stop when door opens. It should now be programmed. by richard w a
ANSWER: I'm sorry, my opener did have a "learn" button. I would check the manual from the old opener and see if you can follow the same method as the old one. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. by Thomas S a
ANSWER: I do not know if the learn function on the 535LM works or not with the 373LM remotes. When I bought my 535LM receivers NorthShore sold me compatible remotes and they programmed easily using the instructions that came with the 535LM. I apologize for not remembering the part numbers of the remotes that I have. If your remotes do not program, I recommend just getting 2 compatible remotes. They are low cost.<br /><br />Also, make sure your 3 wire system puts out a voltage that works with the 535LM. Mine puts out 24V DC and it works. If you are in doubt you can always go to the external power supply. I hope this helps. <br /><br />Scott Mayer by Scott M a
STAFF ANSWER: The 373LM remotes are not comptible with the 535LM. The 535LM operates at 390Mhz freq. The 373LM remote operates at 315Mhz freq. You would need a 355LM receiver but they are now discontinued. We do still have some of the 535LM units and you would need remote model 971LM or 973LM or 893max to be able to program to the 535LM unit. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: can I use my sears remote model #139.664030 remote with this receiver? by None N 4/12/2014
ANSWER: I honestly do not know. <br /><br />What I would recommend is have him install the receiver and try it. The programming task is simple. He will know if it works or not in about 10 seconds. If it does not work, toss the Sears remote and buy a Liftmaster remote. They are very low cost and it is not worth the time to horse around. You guys might even cut him a deal.<br /><br />I am delighted with my two Liftmaster receivers. They installed easily, they programmed easily, and I am back in business.<br /><br />If you want to pass my cell phone number to him, go ahead.<br /><br />Thank you,<br />Scott Mayer by Scott M a
STAFF ANSWER: Probably not. I would just by the 535-2LM by Matthew O a