Liftmaster MODEL 975LM Laser Parking Accessory

Liftmaster MODEL  975LM Laser Parking Accessory

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MODEL 975LM Laser Parking Accessory

This innovative new accessory is designed to help consumers park in the right spot, every time. It's easy to install, easy to use and easily priced, which makes it incredibly easy to add on and improve your profit margin with every LiftMaster® garage door opener installation.

Works Automatically - A pulsating beam turns on for 90 seconds when the IR beam is interrupted. The driver pulls the car in until the red dot from the laser hits a pre-targeted spot on their dash, letting them know exactly where to stop. Simple Installation - simply connects to the photo-eye (IR) terminals of any LiftMaster™ Garage Door Opener. Adjustable beam may be pointed in any direction. Includes wall and ceiling mounting kit and 7 ft. of bell wire. Perfect for Two-Car Garages - Two laser parking accessories may be installed with each garage door opener. Laser-Guided Accuracy - Class 2 laser is safe on the eyes, yet clearly visible.

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: My son used this product and I bought these for my home. by Leo B 6/13/2014
COMMENT: Daughter Purchased a new car and I, dad do not want the color of the car on the back wall of the garage and the color of the wall on the front of the car. Hopefully this laser parking acc.won't let that happen. by Richard C 12/8/2013
QUESTION: does this product come with multiple dash mount "targets" in order to allow for multiple cars to be parked in the garage space I have 3 cars and any one of those cars might need to park in the space at some point. If it does't come with multiple dash mount targets, is that something that can be purchased? by Ray M 5/1/2014
ANSWER: I got this for my sister and she doesn't use the "dash mount", she just knows where in here car the laser will hit, when she is at a safe place. In her SUV it's the dash, right before the radio, in her small car, it's right after her center speaker.<br />If you are not good at keeping your own way-points, you could just use a sticker or small piece of tape. I don't see a need for using any dash mounts and i don't even remember if it came with any.... by BRAD J a
ANSWER: The laser parking accessory does not come with a dash mounting target, just pick a spot or mark an area on the dash or hood of the car, any car, it doesn't matter how many cars you have just use the spot you pick, it does not have to be exact, the beam just needs to be close. hope that helps. by Richard C a
ANSWER: the unitdoes not come with any targets. I parked my vehicle in the spot that allowed the door to close then adjusted the unit so the laser light struck the windshield spray nozzle on the drivers side. Works Great, just pick a spot on the car and allow the car to travel to the light. by Fred P a
ANSWER: It does not come with multiple dash targets. I have 2 cars and that can park in the same spot. They are not that different in length. For one you stop the car at the beginning of the dash and the other at the end or just off the dash. You try mounting the laser more to the side of car than the front. There no mention of multiple dash targets in the instructions. by JEANINE P a
ANSWER: It comes with no targets, you have to pull each car in slowly the first time and get out of car and see if that's where you want it. Once you have found proper location, you open/close door to trip laser and see where it falls on the car, "landmark that spot on your car", so you know where to stop when pulling in. The laser is moveable, however once adjusted for first car, you can't adjust for the other two or you will throw the first one off...<br /><br />The laser does not move to the target, it creates a red dot aim point you landmark on your car so you know when to stop when the dot hits your landmark. I pulled in and adjusted the laser on the ceiling to produce the dot on the trailing edge of the hood between the windshield wash nozzles by jeff b a
QUESTION: will it work with a Genie? by None N 3/19/2013
ANSWER: It will work with any opener that has a safty beem at the bottom of the door. by J M a
QUESTION: Does it include a wiring diagram? by None N 11/5/2012
ANSWER: It comes with directions, it just taps into the existing safety sensor wiring. You can't mess it up. by M E a
ANSWER: A 2-figure illustration showing the connections to the back of the opener. Clear enough that this old man with no real knowledge of electrical wiring had no problem on first attempt!!! by E D a
ANSWER: Yes, easy install. by G E a
ANSWER: Everything is included. Installing it is like going to school. They do everything except park the car. by J M a
ANSWER: The product does give very clear directions as to where the wires attach at the opener. by J C a
ANSWER: There is a two-sided sheet included in the box that shows how to wire the unit to the opener itself. This is available as a pdf on the manufacturer's website. There isn't an internal wiring diagram, if that's what you're asking. Having said that, I haven't installed this component yet... by J O a
QUESTION: Will the 975LM Laser Parking Accessory work with a Craftsman opener<br /><br />Thanks<br /><br />Jim by None N 10/21/2012
ANSWER: As long as you have the left right door sensor hookups-optical sensors it will by jeff b a
ANSWER: It connects to your liftmaster unit, so if your opener works on the unit, then it should work fine. I use the opener built in my car. Hope this helps, you can look up the install and more info about this accessory at:<br /><br />liftmaster. com/CatalogResourcesV3/en-us/shared/files/tucmanuals/114A3174. pdf<br /><br />Good luck,<br />YF by BRAD J a
ANSWER: Sorry, don't know. by J O a
ANSWER: Yes it will. by J M a