Liftmaster PPLK1 Passport Lite 1-Button Remote Control

Liftmaster PPLK1 Passport Lite 1-Button Remote Control

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Product Description

Liftmaster PPLK1 Passport Lite 1-Button Remote Control

•Passport Lite Remotes share the same compatiblity as Passport Remotes except for Security+ Residential Garage Door Openers

•2x the range of standard remote controls

•Narrow-band transmission on 3 simultaneous frequencies (310 MHz, 315 MHz, 390 MHz)

•Compatible with LiftMaster®: commercial receivers (850LM, 860LM, PPWR, STAR1000), and Security+ 2.0™ Gate Operators

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: cause we need it by stuart s 6/20/2014
QUESTION: I've got 8065 Liftmaster Garage Door Opener which has 'Security+2.0' printed on its side and YELLOW 'learn' button on its back.<br />I'm little confused 'cause it says this is not for garage doors but is security+2.0 compatible.<br />Will this work for mine? by Sang-Ki K 8/3/2015
QUESTION: I have a Chamberlain/Liftmaster System with a "Red" Learning Button will this work? by Ronnie O 6/27/2015
STAFF ANSWER: No it will not. You need item number 890MAX. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I've got two cars I would like to have a remote for each car. I already have one Liftmaster PPLK1 Passport Lite 1-Button Remote Control. I'd like to get another. My question is: How do I get the information from the first remote to the second so the new one can also work on the garage door opener? by None N 7/31/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Be sure that you in fact have the LITE version because they are not designed to work on Garage Doors . The Lite version is only designed to work on commercial receivers. by Matthew O a
STAFF ANSWER: You have to program it to the Receiver. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: what is necessary to use this on my community gate. It has a group of 5 numbers on the back? by None N 7/19/2014