Manaras OPERA - MJ (OMJ) Commercial Garage Door Opener

Manaras OPERA - MJ (OMJ) Commercial Garage Door Opener

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Manaras OPERA - MJ (OMJ) Commercial Garage Door Opener
Manaras OPERA - MJ (OMJ) Commercial Garage Door Opener
Product Description

The Manaras Opera MJ commercial garage door opener from North Shore Commercial Door is an excellent product for use with high and vertical lift sectional doors as well as rolling doors and grilles. You can get this operator wall-mounted, with a hood, shelf-mounted or on either side of the door depending on your preferences. This Manaras Opera MH commercial garage door opener features the Hoist-a-matic for manual operation. To find out more about this great product, refer to our "Questions" app below.

1/2 HP, 115-volt single-phase intermittent-duty motor with instant reverse and internal automatic reset thermal overload protection

Baked-on, long-lasting enamel finish for corrosion protection

Two-year warranty

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COMMENT: best price for my application by Michael S 12/8/2016
COMMENT: This opener had the best price and best spec. by Rudy C 5/17/2016
QUESTION: How can I tell if my opener has a remote radio receiver installed? We would like to get a remote for out unit. Model MJ serial # c-000565 by jim d 6/9/2016
QUESTION: I have a 24' wide by 16' high comercial door will this opener work? by None N 9/23/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Please give us a call 800.783.6112 by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I've bought this exact product before from you and works excellent, it came with the remote radio receiver already installed. I need to order another unit and wonder will the receiver will be installed??? by george a 8/31/2015
ANSWER: I purchased two units last summer/fall and had to purchase the radio separate and install on site. by Shad L a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes the receiver would already be installed ! If you would like to place and order please give us a call 800.783.6112 and ask for Taylor or dial ext 12. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: We have 14x14 industrial door. Will this product be appropriate? by Lynn D 2/25/2015
ANSWER: Mine is on a 14x14 steel door and works perfect by Wayne W a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes this will work for you. by Matthew O a
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