Manaras O P E R A - SH (O S H) Commercial Garage Door Opener

Manaras O P E R A - SH   (O S H) Commercial Garage Door Opener

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Manaras O P E R A - SH (O S H) Commercial Garage Door Opener Instruction Manual
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Product Description

The Manaras Opera SH heavy-duty industrial garage door opener is designed to meet the exacting demands needed for commercial garage door operation. The device features a V-belt drive that is designed for use on standard, high and vertical lift sectional doors or rolling doors and grilles. The operator has a solenoid brake and is available with your choice of 3 motor sizes.

The Opera SH also offers a flexible installation. It may be wall, hood or shelf-mounted on either side of the door. There is an incorporated chain hoist for manual operation and a floor-level engaging device. The system is also available with the new Electronic Control Board (BOARD 070) for better performance.

Like other Manaras garage door openers, the Opera SH comes with a host of standard features that make this operator the best choice for commercial use. The system meets all federal guidelines for safety and operation, while giving customers the features and flexibility they want the most. The Opera SH is a great choice for any business.

Available with 3 motor sizes: 60Hz, 50Hz and 380V

3/4-inch input shaft, 1-inch with 1/4-inch keyway output shaft

Friction type clutch, positioned on the input shaft and easily adjustable from the outside

Electrically activated drum brake

Includes an emergency manual chain hoist for the event of a power failure

Accu-cam feature for precise and easy one-handed adjustments

Corrosion protected frame and control enclosure

Flexible mounting options

2 year warranty