With our low prices on Marantec garage door opener remote controls, backed by expert customer service, North Shore Commercial Door remains a leading source for Marantec's American-made residential garage door remotes. These keyless/wireless transmitters rely on advanced multi-bit technology to be used with Marantec garage door opener systems.

Choose two-button remotes for 433.92MHz or 315MHz operations, or choose Marantec three-button 315MHz transmitter models, depending on your model. We have four-button Marantec garage door opener transmitters, too, and Marantec's keypad remotes to set up four-digit PINs. Additionally, 3-Volt CR2032 batteries are included to make these remotes instantly operable once they're paired with your garage door opener.  We also have Photo Eyes garage door openers and Marantec garage door opener plug-in radio receiver kits. Engineered for quick, quiet performance, there aren't any keys or wires to worry about. For added convenience, keychain and belt clip options are available.