Multi-Code 109020 MCS109020 1-channel Gate & Garage Door Receiver by Linear

Multi-Code 109020  MCS109020 1-channel Gate & Garage Door Receiver by Linear

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Multi-Code 109020 MCS109020 1-channel Gate & Garage Door Receiver by Linear Instruction Manual
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Product Description

The Linear Multi-Code 109020 one-channel gate and garage door receiver is ideal for residential garage doors. This receiver is easy to install and to set up, making it the perfect choice for many people. The receiver mounts directly to the terminals with three tabs for universal operator mounting, and its exclusive two-way lugs fit under the terminal screws; they can also be configured to accept push-on terminals in remote sites.

Because it measures just 3 inches by 5.5 inches by 1.5 inches, the Linear Multi-Code 109020 is a compact solution. It's compatible with several accessories and allows up to 1,024 programmable codes set by DIP switches. It can be connected to any three-terminal, 24-volt operator without a separate transformer or adapter, and an 11-inch wire antenna for reception comes with the receiver.
  • Three tabs for universal operator mounting
  • Can be connected to any three-terminal, 24-volt operator
  • 1,024 possible codes
  • Operates at 300 MHz, and 310 MHz is also available

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: compatible with my garage system by David L 3/2/2015
COMMENT: very good price and friendly people on phone to ger part # by Richard K 1/9/2015
QUESTION: im trying to get this remote 3089 to open and close a door with MCS109020 receiver is this possible? by Jim s 2/13/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Yes, that is the remote that works with this kit. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I have this receiver on my garage door opener. It is 12 years old. The remotes are fine and have new batteries. But the remotes and our home link programmed cars only work intermittently. The wall switch works fine every time. I am guessing that the receiver might be malfunctioning and am considering replacing it with an identical new model. Do you recommend this approach, or is the intermittent remote issue possibly another problem besides the receiver? Bob by Bob S 9/29/2013
ANSWER: Who would know better than north shore. Give them a call they are very helpful. by Earl L a
ANSWER: The only time I had a similar problem it was due to moisture. by Myles M a
ANSWER: Could be a reception problem. Try to activate while just a few feet from the receiver. If it works or intermittently works check connections at the antenna and at the receiver. If no change the problem is either the power to the receiver or the receiver. by Greg W a
STAFF ANSWER: It is most likely the receiver malfunctioning and needing replaced. First step to solve issue would be to replace it. by Matthew O a