Overhead Door 1 Button Garage Door Opener Remote ODT90-1

Overhead Door 1 Button Garage Door Opener Remote ODT90-1
Item# ODT90-1
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The Overheaddoor ODT90-1 Remote has been disontinued. Wen you order THIS product we will be sending you the replacement pictured above.

This classic one button garage door remonte is perfect for those who prefer a large, prominent button.

The ODT90-1 remote fits on your visor for easy access. The small red light is an indicator to let you know your remote has made contact with your garage door opener.

Battery included.

This remote is for garage door openers sold prior to 1998.

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: original replacement remote by henry J 3/20/2016
COMMENT: Since Genie model of this door opener remote was no longer available, this very inexpensive replacement was a great find! Ordered two, as the other door opener I have is similarly 30 years old and may not last forever! by Norman M 3/16/2016
QUESTION: I have an overhead door remote model ODT 901 and cannot find a replacement. Is there a way to find one? by cathy s 3/14/2016
STAFF ANSWER: I recommend the NSCD390GV1 by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Will this work with a genie model pro 88? by None N 3/4/2016
ANSWER: A Genie pro 88 was made between 1980 and 1992. They used either a 9 or 12 switch 390 freq. Remote. This remote is compatible. by Brittany B a
QUESTION: will it work on craftsman opener? by None N 2/27/2016
STAFF ANSWER: no it will not. by Taylor M a
ANSWER: No experience with Craftsman openers. Mine worked fine with my Overhead Door opener. by Steve G a
ANSWER: Don't know? by Karl W a
ANSWER: It may since it is a universal. Cross check on Internet to see if it has the same amount of pins. It should show if compatable! by Larry M a
QUESTION: How do you program this remote? by None N 11/18/2015
ANSWER: It has dip switches that can be slid to match the remote you are replacing. I can be programmed for a 9 or 12 dip switch remote. Just match the switches to what you have now. by Michelle E a
ANSWER: If it is a replacement, just move the dip switches to match on or off I had to remove the black piece . You have to look at the old one. by Mary M a
ANSWER: I have not figured out. It was suggested that I u tube. by R L a
ANSWER: There is a code on your overhead door and you set the remote to the code. Very simple. by Deborah G a
STAFF ANSWER: <a href="http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/yhst-16416632405890/NSCD-390GV1-Manual.pdf" target="_blank">http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/yhst-16416632405890/NSCD-390GV1-Manual.pdf</a> by Taylor M a