Overhead Door Commercial Garage Door Seal

Overhead Door Commercial Garage Door Seal

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The Overhead Door Commercial Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal available from North Shore Commercial Door will fit insulated and non-insulated two inch thick steel commercial doors from Overhead Door Corporation. When you start seeing wear and tear in the insulation at the bottom of your garage door or are experiencing an infestation of pests, it is wise to replace the weather seal.
At North Shore Commercial Door, we've been helping customers with their garage needs for over 35 years. We know how frustrating it can be when a part is needed but has been discontinued by the manufacturer. With that in mind, we have designed a retrofit kit to seal the door. Important points to remember regarding this style of door are:

  • They fit non-insulated Overhead Doors in the 416, 420, 424 and 430 series.
  • They fit insulated Overhead Doors in the 418, 422, 426 and 432 series.
  • If you are using the retrofit kit, you will need to remove the retainer holding the old seal in place and install the new seal.
  • The retainers will be shipped in four foot six inch lengths for economy purposes.
Don't compromise the condition of your garage. Replace your worn-out weather seal with an Overhead Door Commercial Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal today.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: This looks like it might fit my door, but although it looks closer than any picture I have looked at so far to fit my door, I still am not absolutely sure it is a perfect match. by Tom B 10/25/2014
COMMENT: Matched the old one. by Loren g 10/19/2014
QUESTION: The seals on my doors have this L retainer also; not a T channel.<br />But your picture is decidedly asymmetric, and opposite of mine. I don't have a bulb, but the long part of the L channel is to the outside of the door. Will this seal function as designed in that orientation bulb on the inner side of the door? by Will M 9/8/2014
ANSWER: The seal will work either way. My doors have the long part of the L channel to the inside of the door. This centers the bulb directly under the door. If icy in the winter and freezes door down, it is easier to free door and not tear seal if bottom flap is to the inside. by Carl K a