Overhead Door Crusader Garage Door Opener Mini Remote 390 MHZ 109130-390M

Overhead Door Crusader Garage Door Opener Mini Remote 390 MHZ 109130-390M

Item# 109130-390M
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Product Description

Mini remote controllers for Overhead Door garage door opener systems operating at a frequency of 390MHz work just as well as traditional-sized remote openers while providing the convenience of a small device. Mini remotes are also the perfect solution for homeowners who feel uneasy about leaving their garage door opener remote in their vehicle. Overhead Door mini remotes, part number 10910-390M, are one-button devices that are compatible with Overhead Door, Crusader and Heddolf-brand garage door openers. Overhead Door mini remotes for 390MHz systems are small enough to be attached to a keychain, yet have the nine dip switches that are needed to sync the remote with the garage opener system. Although you are ordering a new remote controller, these keychain remotes will work very well on older garage door opener systems such as the Overhead Door model 555 system. The key factor is using this remote on a 390MHz frequency device rather than the age of the garage door opener device. All Overhead Door mini remotes come with a battery and keychain.

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Lost my only remote. Needed a replacement. by Stephen M 11/25/2014
COMMENT: We had purchased the standard remote as it finally stopped working after 20 years. We wanted to make sure the standard worked, and it worked great. So, we decided to purchase the mini remote to have a backup. by Michelle K 10/17/2014
QUESTION: Will this replace a Model AT85P Freq 390? by None N 10/30/2014
STAFF ANSWER: No it will not work for that model. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: I really don't know. I bought mine for Overhead Door model 455. I would say that if your old remote had nine dip swithes and 390 mhz, it should work. I just set the dip swithes to match my old one and it works great. by Joe H a
ANSWER: works fine for an overhead door model 456 is all i can tell you. good luck. by william s a
QUESTION: Will this remote work on Overhead Door model 456? by jacob s 10/4/2014
ANSWER: I read somewhere that it was the same as model 455 and it worked great on mine. Just set the 9 dip swithces to match your old remote by Joe H a
ANSWER: yes. by william s a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes , IF your Model 456 is 390MHz frequency and has 9 dipswitches... each with 3 positions. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Will this work with the OLD Cryptar II receiver? by None N 9/15/2014
ANSWER: I'm using with old Overhead model 551. Works very well. by Duane P a
STAFF ANSWER: No it will not. You need to buy a universal receiver and transmitter kit. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Will this remote work with an Overhead Door model 556, FCC ID# BSH8YN108197-390, which as 9 dip switches with 3 position each? by Annetim A 7/25/2014
ANSWER: My Mini Remote worked fabulously when using the 390mhz recommendation information from Overhead.<br /><br />Extract from overhead website <br />============================================ <br />The 390mhz remote control is compatible with the following Overhead Door garage door openers:<br />556 plus other models<br />===================================================<br />The only thing is that you will have to set the pins for new remote to your old remote. This is very simple once you open the remote. <br /><br />Overall, I was very satisfied with my purchase and would do so again! by Dennis T a
ANSWER: I bought this remote for my Overhead Door Model 556 and it works great. Just opened up my existing broken remote, looked and how it was programmed, and programmed the new one the same and it worked like a charm. by Becky L a