Overhead Door Crusader Garage Door Opener Remote Transmitter 360 MHZ 109130-3601

Overhead Door Crusader Garage Door Opener Remote Transmitter 360 MHZ 109130-3601

Item# 109130-360
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Product Description

Overhead Door part number 111663-3601 garage door opener remote controllers are geared toward owners of garage door opener systems that operate at 360MHz frequencies. Note that the part number listed on this remote is new and replaces the old number 109130-3601. This remote works with 9 dip switch openers, but the main feature to keep in mind is the 360MHz frequency. If your garage door opener system operates on any other frequency, this remote will not open your garage door. This remote controller is easy to set up and represents an ideal replacement for lost or broken Overhead Door 360MHz garage door opener remotes. You will not need to program your new remote. In order for it to operate properly, all you need to do is set the dip switches in the new remote to the same position as they are in the old remote. If you have lost the original remote, you will need to open the cover on the garage door opener system to determine proper dip switch settings.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: only place i could find one for my late 80's door by Grant W 12/21/2014
COMMENT: This is a hard to find replacemebgt by Fannie G 12/15/2014
QUESTION: will this work for a model 45A opener that uses 360 mhxz freqquency ? by None N 11/5/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it will. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: It worked great on my 55b model. by marcos c a
QUESTION: Need battery for the 111663-3601 transmitter. Can you help? by None N 10/14/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Use battery # A23 by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I bought a remote control last year for my old door opener and it works perfectly. It activates the receiver from 300 feet without any problem. Recently I bought another one for a second vehicle, set it using the same procedure, but with a very limited success. Basically it works only from less than 3 feet away from the receiver, once out of 20 attempts. I suspected the battery being old, changed them between remote controls and still the same result. Any other suggestions, please<br /><br />Thanks,<br /><br />Florin by florin c 9/23/2014
ANSWER: I helped replace remotes for my elderly parents. They had twin doors but realized after receiving the remotes that only one was a 360 and needed a different one for the other door. They had been installed in 1988 and wearing out. I had no trouble programming when the other one arrived. by Linda B a
REPLY: Thanks Linda, however I have only one door and the opener works just fine with the other remote control. The second one works occasionally from a very close range, so it is not the programming, nor the frequency. by florin c r
STAFF ANSWER: You have likely ordered the wrong frequency. Overhead Door Co made this remote with several different frequencies. 312 340 360 380 and 390 Mhz..... Look at the back of each remote . You will likely find that the new one you ordered is different from the old one that has good range by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Do you have the two wire receiver board to go with it? by Terria H 9/4/2014
ANSWER: No I just have rhe remote. by ron p a
ANSWER: The dual conversion kit says 315 and 390 MHZ so check with North Shore to see if compatable with 360 by D E a
ANSWER: I have the complete kit GIRUD-1T<br />Universal Dual Frequency Conversion Kit by Genie<br />never used, as I decided to have a new garage door and new opener installed.<br />so the complete Genie Kit still in box is available for anyone who wants it by D E a
STAFF ANSWER: No we do not. by Matthew O a