Overhead Door STB-BL Safe-T-BeamŽ Garage Door Saftey Sensors

Overhead Door STB-BL Safe-T-BeamŽ Garage Door Saftey Sensors

Item# STB-BL
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Overhead Door STB-BL Safe-T-BeamŽ Garage Door Saftey Sensors Instruction Manual
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Additional Details about: When ordering this item you will receive the new Cylinder shaped Genie GSTB-BX Safety Beam Set 37220R. Direct factory replacement for the old square overhead Door co sensors

Product Description

Use Overhead Door Safe-T-Beam garage door safety sensors to ensure that your garage doors won't harm you or your family. More information about this unique North Shore Commercial Door product can be found in our Questions app near the bottom of the page.

  • Compatible with all Genie door openers except those with a three-pin plug connector at the motor head and internal wiring at the sensors (will not work if your garage door opener does not have sensors currently)
  • Also compatible with Overhead Door's Python 2 and Legacy garage door openers, among others
  • Safe-T-Beam reverses closing doors automatically when objects pass through the infrared beam
  • Contact reverse feature reverses door within two seconds of contact
  • Timed reverse feature stops and reverses door if it fails to close in 30 seconds
  • Adjustable electronic force sensitivity control
  • Self-Diagnostic Safe-T-Beam System alerts homeowners of improper installation or malfunctions
  • Red and green LED indicators help to quickly identify problems and solutions
  • Relay switch monitoring stops and reverses door if a control relay switch malfunctions
  • STB monitoring system stops and reverses door if Safe-T-Beam system malfunctions
  • Part number: 37220R GSTB-BX

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: replacement by Daniel C 1/21/2015
COMMENT: Because I need them by Gary A 1/12/2015
QUESTION: Does this one connect to the wires by fighting the screws on the back? by Torey M 1/10/2015
ANSWER: Yes, you connect the wires to the screw terminals. by Brian M a
QUESTION: Are mounting brackets included? by None N 11/29/2014
ANSWER: yes by David W a
ANSWER: Yes by Robert M a
ANSWER: Yes the brackets were included and installation was a snap. by Richard B a
ANSWER: When we purchased the sensors they did come with the mounting brackets. by Tasha H a
QUESTION: Is there a mount where I can attach these to the rails? My builder did not put any blocking behind the drywall, so, there's no way to screw these into wood which makes them unstable.<br /><br />Many thanks by Greg H 10/29/2014
ANSWER: Just use anchors or molly bolts-there is no weight and they are normally aren't in traffic. by Richard B a
ANSWER: looks like u will need to add some blocking but difficult to judge without seeing. Good luck1 by Prof. B a
ANSWER: Greg H<br />We mounted them to the wood that goes around the interior of the garage doors. I do not think you can mount them to the rails the garage doors go down on. by Debbie. L a
STAFF ANSWER: You can screw them into the concrete if need be. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Will these sensors work with Overhead Model #456 which was installed in approximately 1993? by Susan R 9/25/2014
ANSWER: No clue here. by Prof. B a
ANSWER: No issues when I installed them by William D a