Overhead Door Garage Door Openers

Whether you need a replacement remote or just want a backup in case of an emergency, North Shore Commercial Door can help you find the appropriate Overhead Door garage door opener remote. We carry Overhead Door remote controls compatible with virtually all Overhead Door garage door opener models, so you'll find the ideal solution in our large selection. To determine the type of Overhead Door garage door opener remote that you need, simply check the back of your old remote or reference the back of the garage door opener for the FCCID number. The last three digits of the FCCID indicate the frequency.

We carry all the most popular Overhead Door replacement remote models on the market, including OCDT-1,109130-3601 and 109130-3901. At North Shore, we also have the CodeDodger and the 9-switch dip style 340MHz, 360MHz, 380MHz and 390MHz. Our Overhead Door opener remote selection includes one-, two-, three- and four-button designs to match your specific needs. You can use a mini or single-button Overhead Door remote control with a key ring if you want a compact and portable opener option or choose a visor-style remote for easy access from the car. Multiple-button Overhead remotes have several dips for versatile programming.

We supply a huge selection of opener remotes made by Overhead Door, so you can be sure these models will work like a charm with your specific system, as well as options made by other top brands. If you don't see the exact model you're looking for or need personalized advice on which remote to buy, call us at 800-783-6112 or send us an e-mail. We always do our best to help our customers find the appropriate parts and accessories for their Overhead Door needs. Order now and take advantage of our low prices, same day shipping, huge selection and free technical help.