Overhead Door ® / Genie garage door opener OCDT-2 CodeDodger ®

Overhead Door ® / Genie garage door opener OCDT-2 CodeDodger ®

Additional Details about: OCDT-2 Has been replaced with the Overhead Door/Genie GITR-3 Three Button Remote that is shown in the pictures below the old style remote. Feel free to place your order on this page and we will ship you the GITR-3 remote as your direct replacement.
Item# --GITR-3
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Overhead Door ® / Genie garage door opener OCDT-2 CodeDodger ® Instruction Manual
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Product Description

If you are looking for the Overhead Door CodeDodger OCDT-2 garage door opener remote control, this model remote has been replaced with the Overhead Door OCDTR-3 three-button remote — 390MHz. We will be shipping the GITR-3 remote as a direct replacement when you order an OCDRT-3. The GITR-3 remote is by Genie; Genie and Overhead Door are the same company and these remotes are interchangeable. Your new remote controller will feature CodeDodger Access Security technology, a digital code changing system that prevents people from grabbing the radio signal that opens your garage door. The CodeDodger system also prevents illegal entry to your garage from remote control access code signal duplication. Each remote controller has a unique, continually changing access code. These codes change each time the remote is activated and these new codes are selected from 4.3 billion combinations. The GITR-3 includes a 12V battery, visor clip and instructions.

Compatible replacement remote control for 390 MHz models from 1995 to present including the following models:
  • GIC90-3
  • GIT-1
  • GIT-2
  • GIT-3
  • OCDT-1
  • OCDT-2
  • OCDT-3
  • ACSCTG Type 3, ACSGT, ACSGT Type 3
  • ACSCTO Type 3

Compatible Models:
  • Flash Light Remote – OCDFT-1
  • Keychain – OCD390-4
  • 1 Button – OCDT-1
  • 2 Button – OCDT-2
  • 3 Button – OCDT-3
  • Wireless Keypad – OWKP

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: One that I have is broken. by Patricia E 2/10/2016
COMMENT: my original overhead garage door remote is broken and needed replacement by max P 2/8/2016
QUESTION: What is the replacement for a Genie GIT-1 remote, and how is it programmed to open my garage door? by Ray R 1/17/2016
STAFF ANSWER: <a href="http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/yhst-16416632405890/Genie-GITR-3.pdf" target="_blank">http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/yhst-16416632405890/Genie-GITR-3.pdf</a> by Taylor M a
QUESTION: I have two Model G2T-2. Both have now failed. What do I replace with and can I reprogram myself or do I have to get the installer to do it? by None N 1/12/2016
ANSWER: Continued...I have 2. They both work fine. by Steven J a
ANSWER: You can do it yourself with a universal remote. by Richard V a
QUESTION: can I use any new remote? by None N 12/19/2015
STAFF ANSWER: No you can not ! What is the model number on your old remote ? by Taylor M a
QUESTION: looking for a remote for a genie excelerator opener? by Terrence B 12/12/2015
STAFF ANSWER: What is the Model number on the back of one of the Remotes that are currently in use or that were being using on your Garage door operator ? by Taylor M a