Overhead Door Corporation

Overhead Door is another quality garage door opener brand carried by North Shore Commercial Door. Whether you're looking for remotes and transmitters, weather seals, replacement parts or keyless entry, Overhead Door has the most reliable products for you and your business. Garage door openers from Overhead Door open quickly and smoothly with the touch of their simple remotes and transmitters that can easily be attached to a keychain or your vehicle. For security right outside the garage, you can try their wireless keypad CodeDodger.

For replacement parts, North Shore Commercial Door carries couplings, solenoid assemblies, transformers, springs and screws. Overhead Door also has great safety products, such as sensors, that can prevent a gate or door from coming down too soon and damaging a vehicle or injuring a person. Finally, their weather seals can save you money by keeping cold air and damaging water out of your garage. View all the Overhead Door products at North Shore Commercial Door and see the great prices we can offer your business.