Raynor 310MHz Flitestar & R-Series Garage Door Opener Remote

Raynor 310MHz Flitestar & R-Series Garage Door Opener Remote

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Product Description

Compatible with numerous older model garage units, the Raynor 310MHz Flitestar and the R-Series garage door opener remote provides reliable operation for system using a Linear Delta-3 receiver. For enhanced security, the Raynor garage door opener provides 256 selectable codes, which are set by eight dip switches. When programming, it's important to make sure the remote's dip switch code is identical to the code of the receiver. The receiver and remote codes should be recoded before operation, and factory codes should be avoided to prevent duplicate coded systems. To ensure correct testing and operation, the remote is equipped with an indicator LED light.

The 310 MHz Raynor garage door opener is compatible with numerous R-Series models, including R110/210, R120/220, R130/230, R150/250, R160/260 and R170/270 garage door operators. Powered by a 9V battery, the 310 MHz garage door opener comes with a removable visor clip for convenient vehicle mounting.
  • Compatible with Flitestar and the R-Series garage door systems
  • Activates one Linear Delta-3 receiver
  • 256 selectable codes
  • 310 MHz frequency
  • Removable visor clip included

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Hoping to use this on my 1993 160-7 model by Aften L 9/19/2014
COMMENT: It's a replacement. by ROSIE O 9/6/2014
QUESTION: I have a Raynor 130-7 from the early 90s if not late 80s. Will this work on my unit It says 60 Hz on the back. by Elynne S 5/23/2014
ANSWER: Yes. by G O a
QUESTION: My model is a Flitestar which has a date on the housing of 5/97. What type of wireless remote keypad and what type of replacement remote will work with it it has a green "learn button under a small cover. I was able to program it to work with my 2011 Chevy Silverado by None N 3/23/2014
STAFF ANSWER: What is the Model number on the back of one of the Remotes that are currently in use or that were being using on your Garage door operator ? by Matthew O a
QUESTION: is this remote universal for raynor garage openers? by None N 3/19/2014
ANSWER: I don't know if it is "universal" but it worked great for my Flitestar model by Raynor by Jeffrey S a
ANSWER: Only if it has pins you can set on the door opener if it has a smart button under the light on it no this is not the right one by Ricky S a
ANSWER: Our repairman said that this was only for Raynor garage openers. I ordered it as it was identical to the broken opener at our house.<br /><br />I have seen some universal garage door openers in hardware stores - might try one of these? by Linda A a
QUESTION: My remote was stolen for my Raynor garage door opener, Model 120-7. What replacement remote do I need? by Sandy A 2/22/2014
ANSWER: I have a Model 110-7 garage door opener and have a Delta 3 remote system. This remote works with my unit.<br />Hope this helps Dennie by Dennis M a
ANSWER: The one pictured here: the 310 R series. by G O a