Raynor 310MHz Flitestar & R-Series Garage Door Opener Remote

Raynor 310MHz Flitestar & R-Series Garage Door Opener Remote

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Raynor 310MHz Flitestar & R-Series Garage Door Opener Remote Instruction Manual
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Product Description

Compatible with numerous older model garage units, the Raynor 310MHz Flitestar and the R-Series garage door opener remote provides reliable operation for system using a Linear Delta-3 receiver. For enhanced security, the Raynor garage door opener provides 256 selectable codes, which are set by eight dip switches. When programming, it's important to make sure the remote's dip switch code is identical to the code of the receiver. The receiver and remote codes should be recoded before operation, and factory codes should be avoided to prevent duplicate coded systems. To ensure correct testing and operation, the remote is equipped with an indicator LED light.

The 310 MHz Raynor garage door opener is compatible with numerous R-Series models, including R110/210, R120/220, R130/230, R150/250, R160/260 and R170/270 garage door operators. Powered by a 9V battery, the 310 MHz garage door opener comes with a removable visor clip for convenient vehicle mounting.
  • Compatible with Flitestar and the R-Series garage door systems
  • Activates one Linear Delta-3 receiver
  • 256 selectable codes
  • 310 MHz frequency
  • Removable visor clip included

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: My parents need a remote for their door and asked me to see if I could find one for them. by Janice B 12/27/2015
COMMENT: My current opener no longer works and this was the closest match by Pat M 12/2/2015
QUESTION: i have a raynor flitestar garage door opener serial number 440598, 10/98 and lost remote. i cannot tell the model number of the remote since i have misplaced it! is there a universal remote i can purchase?want to program my lexus auto to open door tom everson manitowish waters wi by None N 8/30/2015
ANSWER: First, you might want to get up on a ladder and check the radio signal receiver that hooks into your present garage motor. Probably in a little box on the unit. You look for the physical buttons pushed either on or off for each number. If those are present, then the Raynor 310 MHx Flitestar should work for you as is worked for me last fall in same situation. If and when you get it, just match its code to your existing system and program your car in the usual way. by john s a
QUESTION: I have Raynor garage door opener, model #120-8 from 1988 - will this remote work? How do do I program remote to door? by Melissa L 6/22/2015
ANSWER: Call Raynor's customer service and ask to be sure. You can probably find out at their web page too. That is what I did. Your garage door is not the same model as mine. by Keith M a
ANSWER: Works fine on a Raynor model # 110-7 from 1977.<br />To program the remote remove the back cover with a Phillips screwdriver and match the 8 switches up or down with the 8 switches already set on the back of your motor. If your motor does not have 8 switches then I doubt it will work. by James T a
QUESTION: I have a Raynor 1/3 hp Model No. R504759. Dog chewed up my remote. Will this remote work with this old unit? by Judy H 11/13/2014
ANSWER: I am using it on a Model 120-7. Works good. by Keith N a
ANSWER: My daughter has an older model Raynor Garage Door opener, Model 120-7. I ordered this remote for my granddaughter when she started driving. It works well with this older model. I am not sure about your particular model, but it is worth giving it a try. by Clarence B a
ANSWER: It works perfectly and it was very easy to change the code. by ROSIE O a
QUESTION: I have a Raynor 130-7 from the early 90s if not late 80s. Will this work on my unit? It says 60 Hz on the back. by Elynne S 5/23/2014
ANSWER: Yes. by G O a