Raynor 970RGD Security+ Mini 3-Button Garage Door Opener Keychain Remote Control

Raynor 970RGD Security+ Mini 3-Button Garage Door Opener Keychain Remote Control

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Liftmaster 890MAX Mini Key Chain Remote Control Garage Door OpenerLiftmaster 890MAX Mini Key Chain Remote Control Garage Door Opener
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Product Description

Conveniently sized, the Raynor 970RGD 3-button remote is the smaller version of the 973RGD garage door opener and can control up to three compatible garage doors or gates. It can also be programmed to turn on garage door opener lights and small appliances. The remote is compatible with Raynor single frequency, 390MHz garage door units and gate operators that feature Security Plus technology, which includes Aviator, Commander, Pilot and Navigator models. If your garage door unit's motorhead features an amber-colored learn button and gray antenna, then the Raynor 970RGD should be compatible.

Sized to fit in your pocket, purse or on a keychain, the miniature Raynor garage door opener is equipped with Security Plus rolling code technology that sends a new code with each sent transmission, providing optimal security for your home. Easy to program, the Raynor 973RGD remote is compatible with other Raynor 900 Series devices, and a 3V lithium battery is included, which can provide up to five years of dependable use.
  • Miniature version of Raynor 373RGD remote
  • Compatible with Raynor 390MHz garage door units and gate operators that feature Security Plus technology
  • Security Plus rolling code technology
  • Includes 5-year 3V lithium battery

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: great price and good company background by danny m 3/30/2014
COMMENT: Needed one for when driving motorcycle. It's the only one I am sure about that it is compatible, and small enough. by Regina S 2/18/2014
QUESTION: I have the 3 button 973RGD and I was wondering if this fob is compatible I would like to carry when I walk and want to enter through the garage. Thanks to anyone who can help. by Bev S 9/5/2013
ANSWER: Thanks Susan, you have answered my question. I appreciate your response. It will be convenient to have. by Bev S a
ANSWER: I have the 973RGD Raynor garage opener for the car visor and i purchased the mini 3 button 970TGD and it just fine with the Raynor system. by Susan M a
ANSWER: My door has 3 buttons and it has worked wonderfully. Easy to program. by Debra S a
ANSWER: I ordered this for my garage door opener and it was compatible with mine. Works great!!! by D E a
ANSWER: I too have the Raynor 970RGD opener. But my fob is white. I recommend you check the specs on the fob in question to determine if it is compatible with your Raynor opener. by D O a
QUESTION: this is a Raynor 1/2 horsepower? by None N 5/15/2013
ANSWER: Yes, but must have an Orange or Red learn button on garage motor otherwise the opener will not work. by K A a
ANSWER: I purchased this remote to operate a "Lift Master" SECURITY+ 1/2 HP garage Door opener and it works perfectly. by S A a
ANSWER: Yes, but it does not matter as long as your garage door opener motorhead has an orange learn button. by D O a
QUESTION: is there a number I can call? by None N 12/13/2012
ANSWER: As a customer, I recommend you call North Shore Customer Service. They can answer all your technical questions. I bought it to replace a wornout 7-year old remote control. My new control has more range and works like a champ! I would buy one again to replace my second door opener when it is time too. by D O a
STAFF ANSWER: Call us M-F 8:00am - 4:30 Est by Matthew O a