Raynor Garage Door Torsion Spring with cones

Raynor Garage Door Torsion Spring with cones
Item# RDSP-R
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Need to replace worn-out or broken garage door springs on your Raynor doors? At North Shore Commercial Door, we make it easy to get the exact product you need with just a few measurements. You tell us what length, wire size, diameter and wind direction you need and we send you the exact Raynor garage door torsion springs that you need.

When ordering your Raynor garage door springs, remember that it’s wise to order these parts in pairs. Most springs wear out after about 10,000 cycles, so one broken spring signals that the other spring will soon break as well. Use our “Questions” app below to get more information about this Raynor product.

Garage doors come from the manufacturers with standard 10,000 cycle springs. We can upgrade your springs to 25,000 cycle springs for an additional $15.00 just by clicking the "Long Life 25,000 Cycle Springs" option in the drop down menu. Note: When long life spring option is picked the spring size changes and is usually larger. Please note: Any original spring size over 39" is subject to a price increase. We can make any spring , any size you need it. Please send and email for springs longer than 39". Sales@northshorecommercialdoor.com

Four specific measurements required to purchase the correct Raynor replacement garage door torsion spring:

#1 Wire Size

#2 Inside Diameter

#3 Length of spring

#4 Wind of spring (Right or left wound)


A spring’s wire size can be determined by several different tools or techniques. Use of a caliper, micrometer, or wire gauge are common ways to determine a spring’s wire size. If none of these tools are available, simply measure ten coils of wire to the nearest 1/16th of an inch, and refer to the Spring Wire Chart. The spring must be tightly compressed, with no gaps. It’s also a good idea to measure twenty coils as a double check.


Measure the inside diameter to the nearest 1/16th of an inch. In most cases, the cones inserted in each end of the spring will have a manufacturers name Raynor which will give a clue toward the proper identity. The chart on the right shows common ID’s used by various manufacturers. If no manufacturers name is evident, usually a part number on the cone will indicate the inside diameter: 134 or 175 = 1 3/4" ID 258 or 263 = 2 5/8" ID 375 or 334 = 3 3/4" ID


Measure spring length with the spring in its unwound state. In the case of a distorted or broken spring, simply count the total number of coils and multiply by the wire size. 120 coils x .250 wire = 30" 120 coils x .375 wire = 45"


To ensure the correct wind, please refer to the Winding Chart below. Please remember the side of the door a spring is located on does not indicate the wind of the spring. Most winding cones are color coded for hand identification. Right hand wound springs should have red winding cones. Left hand wound springs should have black winding cones.



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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Our garage door has been working well for 16 years. There is no need to replace it provided the parts are available. This is an excellent product. by Robert B 6/10/2016
COMMENT: My garage door torsion spring broke last night and I want to fix it myself, now. by Mark S 5/22/2016
QUESTION: I am looking at a set of 40 inch .243 1 3/4 id raynor torsion springs. Can I upgrade to extended cycle springs? by None N 6/9/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Your spring would be to large to upgrade. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: do you carry any of the powder coated torsion springs? by Beau R 11/3/2015
STAFF ANSWER: No we do not all of springs are made to order and are custom made for each customer. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: my new spring arrived and everything looks right but the bolt pattern on the end cone is smaller than my old one. is there a way to change the cones ? i have tried but can't move them. by scott p 2/8/2015
ANSWER: No, there's no way. the cones are welded to the springs, if i'm understanding your question correctly. by George G a
ANSWER: We always either filed the slots or re drilled the plate to accommodate the smaller bolt-circle. Raynor makes the better cone so I would "machine to fit" the new spring plate. Thats what I did with mine. by Nathan H a
STAFF ANSWER: You will need to buy a new center bracket that matches your cone size. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: When measuring the length of the spring does it include the end caps? My spring is 37 inches long with out the end caps. If I order a new spring 37 inches long will that incled the end caps or do I have to add the extra on to the spring length to get it correct. I have a red end cxap so it must be a right hand wound spring. by Tony L 6/1/2014
ANSWER: it will come with new end caps installed so you will not need to buy them by Dolores B a
STAFF ANSWER: Do not include the "end Caps" aka Cones when you measure the length of the spring. Also make sure you measure the spring in the unwound state. by Matthew O a