Residential Garage Door Opener Accessories

North Shore Commercial Door has a wide range of accessories to complete your residential garage door opener installation and add convenience or security. Add extra options for opening your garage door with a universal keypad that lets you program your own code and open your door remotely without having to carry a transmitter with you. We also have Flash 2 Pass garage door openers for both cars and motorcycles that convert your high beam switch into a garage door opener. The Tap2Pass system turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android smartphone into a remote control for your garage door or gate. For added security, we also carry keyed switches to operate your garage door. Other convenience and safety items include surge protectors and the Garage Door Butler system, which automatically closes your garage door for you if you forget. These and other accessories from North Shore Commercial Door are the finishing touches to your residential garage door opener installation, and we have them in stock and ship them to you fast.