Sears Craftsman 41AB150-2 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

Sears Craftsman 41AB150-2 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

Item# 41AB150-2
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Additional Details about: 41AB150-2 is equivalent to 41AB050-2

Product Description

Sears Craftsman 41AB150-2 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

Craftsman Logic Board 41AB150-2M

The Letter on the end means that there was a revision on this circuit board and your original Circuit board could have ended in a -2A , -2B and so on.

IF your current Sears Crafsman Garage door opener 41AB150-2 or the same part number with a letter on the end ; then this is the correct replacement for you.

The Part number is printed on the housing plate that your circuit board it mounted to

If we send you a board that has a faceplate that does not match yours exactly you will need to remove the circuitboard and mount it to your old faceplate so that it fits properly. Very simple task; requires removing the two wire clips on the Light socket and 5 screws on the back. If your are sent the different faceplate the part number will be slightly different but the circuit board itself is identical to your current unit based on the part number you are ordering.

See Sears Craftsman Transmitter Compatibility Chart for complete list of Sears Craftsman compatible Logic Boards.

Works with Sears Craftsman Models 139.53914D, 139.53985D

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Correct replacement at a great price by Lawrence R 3/11/2015
COMMENT: Exact item I need, good price and shipping options by Daniel E 3/4/2015
QUESTION: I've been chasing this around in circles. Does this board actually work with a Craftsman 139.53985D ? The manual circa 2006, calls for a 41AC150 no dashes or suffix letters. by Larry D 9/5/2013
ANSWER: Yes it worked for me with no issues by T R a
ANSWER: The board works perfectly in my sears garage door opener. My model # is 139.53914D. Instillation was straight forward. I hope this helps. by M I a
ANSWER: I had to take the circuit board out of the new cover and put it in my old cover to fit the unit by Gayle r a
ANSWER: it works perfectly for us by Douglas W a
ANSWER: Yes it worked i have no problem by G K a
REPLY: So your model number is 139.53985D ?<br /><br />Just looking for that last bit of confirmation. Thanks. by Larry D r
ANSWER: My model is Craftsman 139.53914D 1/2 HP 315 mhz and it did work with mine. The only issue that we had was the end panel was a different shape than the one on my unit and my son had to take the logic board assembly off of the new one and attach them to my original panel. by Anna M a