Sears Craftsman Garage Door Opener Remote Control 3-Function 53753 139.53753

Sears Craftsman Garage Door Opener Remote Control 3-Function 53753 139.53753

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Craftsman 315 Remote 139.53753

Sears craftsman garage door openers as well as the controls and options are manufactured by the Chamberlain Group, Inc. Chamberlain manufactures garage door openers, and access control products under a variety of names, such as Chamberlain, Liftmaster , they also privet label for a variety of other companies such as Sears Craftsman, Access Master, Garage Master, Master Mechanic, Formula 1, Security+, Link, Billion Code, True Value, True Guard, and Raynor.

5364811, 5364812, 53914, 539140, 53919, 53924, 53927LP, 53954, 53961, 53962, 53963, 53964, 53965, 53966,53975, 53976, 53977SRT, 53978, 54980, 53982, 53985, 5398511, 53989, 53990, 53991

For the most part the components and controls that go into each brand are identical, and of the same quality, in some cases the plastic transmitter cases are a different color, or have a different shape.



Our offering of Sears craftsman transmitters and accessories follows two paths, we can supply the genuine sears labeled product for the price listed, or we can supply the Liftmaster branded product, which is fully compatible at the price listed Below. You will find the Liftmaster branded products to be priced less than the Sears Craftsman.



Product Description

Replacement remote control for your Craftsman Garage Door Opener system manufactured between 2005 to present (systems manufactured during this time have a PURPLE learn button on the powerhead, and the remotes have BLACK buttons). This remote operates up to 3 garage doors, and it utilizes Security+ 315MHZ rolling code technology that sends a brand new code every time it is used.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: needed to replace a lost clicker by wendy k 7/28/2014
COMMENT: My remote is worn out by Joan C 7/28/2014
QUESTION: my remote is programmed to open my garage but I need it to open my gate as well. How do I program it to do that? by Cindy C 7/2/2014
STAFF ANSWER: I is not a universal remote so if your gate does not have the same credentials it will not work on that setup by Matthew O a
QUESTION: My remote was stolen so don't know which one to order. Number important Or are they all basic? by None N 6/28/2014
ANSWER: I didn't trust the remote to sync with the garage door opener so I got the same model number that was on the remote. I did not have any problems syncing it and have not had any problems with the two working together. by Lauren F a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes number is important. Call us with your remote in hand and we will help you. 440-366-6112. Have your old remote in hand when you call please by Matthew O a
QUESTION: How long do batteries last in this opener What kind of battery do I use in this opener and how do I open the opener to replace the battery/ by Bill J 4/30/2014
ANSWER: The batteries last several years. To replace the battery, you use a screw driver and put it in the slot on the side and twist it until it opens. The battery is a flat round disk style you can obtain at any hardware store. I don't know the exact model off hand by JAMES B a
STAFF ANSWER: It depends if you truly have the Model that we are looking at. Open the remote by prying along the edges with the Visor clip.Then look at the face of the Battery . It should be CR2032 or CR2016.<br /><br />You will likely be better off replacing the remote if the issues persist even after replacing your battery. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I have one look's exactly likem it,but number is 139.53681b.product number is hbw1255.will the 3-function work. by joseph a 4/12/2014
STAFF ANSWER: The replacement works just fine. Made by Liftmaster OEM of crafstman remotes. by Matthew O a