SkyLink 89 Universal Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry System

SkyLink  89 Universal Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry System

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Product Description

Operates most national brand garage door openers up to 2007 (see compatibility chart).

Wireless system that provides the convenience of entry into your garage without the use of a remote or keys.

Standard soft-key back-lit keypad.

Two 3V lithium batteries included.

1-year warranty.

Compatibility Chart for Model 89 Brands

Chamberlain® 1983-2002 390MHz

Genie® / Mastercraft® 1983-2007 390MHz

Lift-Master® 1983-2002 390MHz

Linear® (DT) 1975-2007 310MHz

Linear® MegaCodeTM 1985-2007 318MHz

Master Mechanic® 1983-1997 390MHz


(Delta 3) 1983-2007 310MHz

Multi-Code® (10 pos) 1976-2007 300MHz/310MHz

Overhead®* 1983-1997 390MHz

Pulsar® / Allister® 1985-2007 318MHz

Sears® / Craftsman® 1983-2002 390MHz

Skylink® UR100 Receiver 1990-2007 390MHz

Stanley® (10 pos) 1976-2007 300MHz/310MHz

Wayne Dalton® 1983-1997 300MHz/390MHz

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: could not find Genie KEP-1 by Michael B 7/26/2014
COMMENT: wanted a wireless keyless door opener by Tony E 3/8/2014
QUESTION: will this keypad work with my gate it has a multicode receiver with 10 dip switches no model numbe. by joseph o 6/21/2014
ANSWER: Probably, but without knowing the brand/model you do not know the frequency or how to set it up. by Fred N a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes by Matthew O a
QUESTION: How do I change the code to a different number I have the 387LM LiftMaster keyless entry by None N 5/4/2014
ANSWER: the Skylink 89 has 9 or 12 buttons inside that are three position just change the nine or twelve buttons on your garage door opener and then make the Skylink 89 buttons match hope that helps you if not try againyou may have to use a stylus to change the buttons they're very small by brentwood w a
ANSWER: There is a manual but this reply does not allow me to put in the link. You can search for it and it will be on the skylink home site<br /><br /><br />If you don't know the pin, remove the battery for 24 hours, then it will default to factory pin 0,0,0,0<br /><br />Follow the instructions below to change the PIN.<br />To change your PIN:<br />1. Enter the current PIN, factory default PIN 0 0 0 0, press ,<br />2. Enter new 4 digit PIN, press ,<br />3. Enter new PIN again, press .<br />For example, if you are changing the PIN number from 0000 to<br />1234, enter the following sequence, 0000, ,1234, ,1234, .<br />If confirmed, the backlit LED flashes and the unit emits a long beep.<br />*<br />* * *<br />If you do not hear 3 beeps after the 4-digit PIN and [#] is entered,<br />that means you have entered an incorrect PIN, and the keypad transmitter<br />will not operate your garage door. by L A a
ANSWER: Changing the code on the 387LM is almost the same procedure:<br />Enter existing PIN, press *, enter new PIN and press *. To test and use, enter the your PIN and press the 0 key. by John B a
ANSWER: To change PIN on Skylink Model 89 keyless entry:<br />1. Enter the current PIN, originally factory-set at 0 0 0 0, press *.<br />2. Enter new 4 digit PIN, press *.<br />3. Enter new PIN again, press *.<br />For example, if you are changing the PIN number from 0000 to 1234, enter the following sequence: 0000, *, 1234, *, 1234, *.<br />If confirmed, the backlit LED flashes and the unit emits a long beep. by John B a
QUESTION: Will this remote work with the older 12 pin combination genie door opener I installed the garage door opener in about 1994. by None N 11/4/2013
ANSWER: It should. It listed tons of opener models and brands. I used this for a sears craftsman opener I got in 1989 and it works flawlessly. by G R a
ANSWER: This one works with my GLX9550 screw drive installed in Feb 1993. The GLX9550 has the 12 dip switches you set and you match those with the SkyLink 89. Oh, one other thing... if the SkyLink 89 ever goes flaky on you works one time, doesn't work the next replace the batteries. We live in Colorado and the cold weather does a number on the batteries. We use this control pad every day when we walk our dog. by T R a
ANSWER: It should. We purchased our house in 1996 and the door opener was upgraded to a Genie at that time by the sellers. Hope this helps. We are currently on our 2nd replacement SkyLink 89 door opener. by B R a
QUESTION: how to program s89 keypad? by None N 2/3/2013
ANSWER: The instructions are rather simple and comes with the unit. If you have lost the instructions to one you already own or just want to preview of the instructions you can do a google search for S89 skylink keypad instructions and you should be able to locate a pdf file showing them in their entirety. I tried to give you the exact website but they don't allow me to posts links to other websites when replying to questions. by R O a
ANSWER: It's pretty easy. The directions are not complicated and can be programmed for just about any door opener. I had an old sears and this worked wonderfully. by G R a