SOMMER 2-Button Garage Door Opener Remote 4048V000 - 315MHz

SOMMER 2-Button Garage Door Opener Remote 4048V000 - 315MHz

This item is discontinued.
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Garage Door Opener Universal Radio Receiver Set - North Shore Commercial Door RC-1
Garage Door Opener Universal Radio Receiver Set - North Shore Commercial Door RC-1
SOMMER 2-Button Garage Door Opener Remote 4048V000 - 315MHz Instruction Manual
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Product Description

Control your 315MHz Sommer garage door opener system with the two-button garage door opener remote, model number 4048VOOO. If you have lost or broken your original garage door opener remote, this model at North Shore Commercial Door is the perfect replacement. This remote controller has a sleek design and is small enough to fit inside a pocket or attached to a keychain. You can operate up to two individual Sommer garage door opener systems with this remote and this two-button remote controller has a maximum range of approximately 100 feet which is the maximum permitted transmitter range. Range is dependent on surroundings. All Sommer garage door opener remotes are easy to program and this model includes a visor clip. You must use a 315MHz remote with 315MHz garage door openers and 310MHz remotes with 310MHz Sommer garage door openers; the two are not interchangeable. You can easily determine the frequency of your system my noting the button colors. Sommer remotes with blue buttons are for 310MHz frequencies and remotes with red buttons are for 315MHz frequency systems.
  • Operates up to two individual Sommer garage door openers
  • Easy to program
  • Long battery life
  • Low power consumption

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: My replacement by Sopon p 8/21/2015
COMMENT: we have this garage door opener and it works well. We lost one and needed another. by Michelle W S 6/25/2015
QUESTION: How do you open these to change the batteries? by Larry L 1/4/2015
ANSWER: To change the batteries you need to flip over the remote and use a small screw driver to press down on the locking clip. Then slide the top half of the remote. You will then see the battery. by Victor P a
ANSWER: Small catch on the back, depress it and pull apart. When you have it open put super glue on the christal, small silver oval part on the circuit board, it will break off later if you dont. I love the opener and the christal is the only complaint I have. <br />Chris by C. F a
QUESTION: If I'm ordering to replace a red-button remote,for Sommer opener then I should get another red one not the blue one, right? by Eric W 10/26/2014
ANSWER: As I recall, red is right. by Sandra M a
ANSWER: Hey Eric,<br /><br />Yes you have to get the same color remote. My original remotes were red and I bought 3 more red remotes and they work great. The blue ones are for a newer model with a different frequency.<br /><br />Thanks, Victor. by Victor P a
ANSWER: Definitely Yes.<br />I don't recall the reason, I do remember when I was researching which to purchase that there was a difference between the two. I ordered 4 or 5 of the red, use all of them & they work great: by Judith B a
ANSWER: that is correct the blue one runs on a different frequency so you need to go red with red. by Larry L a
ANSWER: Get red. Blue is different frequency. by DAN A a
STAFF ANSWER: Correct. The color or the buttons usually indicates what frequency your system uses. Red= 315Mhz most of the time. But double check by looking at the back of your remote control. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Does this remote have a visor clip? by None N 7/16/2014
ANSWER: No it does not it comes with a keychain clip. by Larry L a
ANSWER: no. Just a key ring holder by Craig B a
ANSWER: Yes. I was also very happy with the product and the company. by Jennifer S a
ANSWER: It does NOT have a visor clip. It comes with a key ring attached to a short chain. The dimensions of the remote are 3.5"x1". Since I am a non-smoker, I keep my remote in my ashtray.<br /><br />Although there is No visor clip, these remotes have worked out quite well. We purchased a total of 4. by Judith B a
ANSWER: The previous versions did, but I had ordered two units in December, and they only came with key rings. You may want to ask the Customer Service rep if they still have the visor clips. by Anthony F a
QUESTION: When the batteries die I find I am unable to program the remote after i put new batteries in. Last time I ended up buying a new remote and that worked. Do I have to clear the remote or something after I put new batteries in? I can't buy new remotes every 18 months..... by Ken N 6/20/2014
STAFF ANSWER: The remotes should not need to be replrogrammed... you can try to reprogram... The new remote's instructions will describe how to do so. by Matthew O a