Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

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Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door is your go-to place for garage weather seals. The Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal is ideal for people who would like to keep the elements at bay with a flexible, high-performance rubber seal. This seal is specially designed with a pressurized tube. Such a tube will prevent the seal from flattening to create a better fit than other garage door seals. The tube measures one inch with .25 inch T-end rubber. Advantages of this weather seal are:

  • Easy conformity whether the floor is even or uneven.
  • Two rubber end plugs are included to place on both ends once the strip has been installed.
  • Easy installation.
  • Usable with conventional or pneumatic door bottoms.
  • Fits any garage door with the proper retainer.
A weather seal is economical, easy to install and can help reduce heating costs. When searching for a garage weather seal, look no further than North Shore Commercial Door. Our knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions by phone or online. We ship anywhere in the U.S. and will even ship internationally. In business for over 35 years, we have the experience to help you with your garage door needs. Check out the Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal today.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: I liked the way it looked by KEN B 8/26/2014
COMMENT: secondary bulb seal by Kenneth S 8/25/2014
QUESTION: What length does the Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal? by Craig p 8/18/2014
ANSWER: Length of 2 car garage door. One side had dip which wouldnt seal with normal strip. This works great. Heavy duty compared to what they sell at hd. by Dave M a
ANSWER: I used it for an 18 foot door and I believed I only cut about 4 inches off. by Jim M a
STAFF ANSWER: Sold by the foot by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Online pictures appear grey Is it grey or black? by None N 6/24/2014
ANSWER: they are black, and seal well by elliott s a
ANSWER: Definitely black in color. by C D a
ANSWER: Black by Jim M a
ANSWER: The product that we purchased was black. Incidentally, to make it easier to slide the T-ends into the groove on the bottom of the garage door, we used a silicone spray lubricant. It made it much easier. by R E a
ANSWER: The one I got was black by Randy K a
ANSWER: The ones I received are black. by M K a
ANSWER: As I recall it is black. I am not able to check right now or I would. by Robert M a
ANSWER: Black by Rodney P a
QUESTION: What is the width of this product if lay flat down? by None N 6/13/2014
ANSWER: 1 3/4 inches by David Y a
ANSWER: About 175" by Christopher P a
ANSWER: 4 1/8 inches---very good product by Joe S a
STAFF ANSWER: 4" by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I would like to put these on a existing wood commercial door. My doors now just have small flat seals that do not seal due to uneven floor Would I need to cut the door down a little to allow for the seal and metal Drawing shows 2" but I assume it will smash down some. Right now the seal only takes less than 1/4" by Larry S 6/2/2014
STAFF ANSWER: If installing on a wooden door that previously had Nail on rubber seall then you will also need to buy the " RETAINER" that holds this seal to the door. The aluminum 1-5/8" is most commonly used for wood doors. Search for "retainer" on our website <a href="http://northshorecommercialdoor.com" target="_blank">northshorecommercialdoor.com</a> to locate the various retainers each sold in 4-1/2 foot sections. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: I would recommend AGAINST cutting down the door. Getting it perfectly straight would be difficult and since it's likely hollow, it might weaken the door... and taking it off the tracks to rip it would be a lot of trouble.<br /><br />My rubber seal the one shown in this squashes down to about 1" - including the height of the 1/8" metal bracket. It might squash a little further, if it needed to. But, even if your door could come down further, if the rubber seal was fully compressed 3/4" the door would simply stop going down any further. You MIGHT have to make a slight... slight adjustment to the down setting ... but I doubt it. I bet the door just rests on the rubber seal, perhaps 1/8-1/4"higher than it is, now. by Michael F a
ANSWER: This flattens without cutting the door. I did have to take the seal out of one side. It does not come with metal. It slides into your existing setup. by Ashley B a