Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

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North Shore Commercial Door is your go-to place for garage weather seals. The Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal is ideal for people who would like to keep the elements at bay with a flexible, high-performance rubber seal. This seal is specially designed with a pressurized tube. Such a tube will prevent the seal from flattening to create a better fit than other garage door seals. The tube measures one inch with .25 inch T-end rubber. Advantages of this weather seal are:

  • Easy conformity whether the floor is even or uneven.
  • Two rubber end plugs are included to place on both ends once the strip has been installed.
  • Easy installation.
  • Usable with conventional or pneumatic door bottoms.
  • Fits any garage door with the proper retainer.
A weather seal is economical, easy to install and can help reduce heating costs. When searching for a garage weather seal, look no further than North Shore Commercial Door. Our knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions by phone or online. We ship anywhere in the U.S. and will even ship internationally. In business for over 35 years, we have the experience to help you with your garage door needs. Check out the Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal today.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Its Additional Flexibility by Thomas K 1/22/2015
COMMENT: need the extra thick by Johnnie J 1/18/2015
QUESTION: I have a 10' shop door with about 1-7/8-slope in the concrete from left to right. Will this product work in my situation? by John B 1/22/2015
ANSWER: I measured how far down the seal extends below the door and it is 1 3/8". I also am not sure how much it would compress on the high side. I would guess you would end up with a gap of 1/2-1" on the low side. by Michael P a
ANSWER: I installed this product on a 14'-wide garage door with exactly the same slope differential. it has worked quite well because of its ability to conform to uneven surfaces. It was the only product I could find that seemed to have the ability to conform to a sill as uneven as the one I had to work with, and I have not been disappointed. I will say that while it comes with plugs to insert in the ends of the tube, it works best on an uneven floor if you do not use them.<br /><br />The "T" shaped ends slide into the aluminum channels quite snugly. If you are using a mounting rail that is already on the door, be sure the channels are cleaned out thoroughly, and not bent or dented. You will need a good spray lubricant like silicone or teflon, and four hands to get the rubber weather seal inserted. by Robert N a
QUESTION: Clopay Part Number is 062011 U. Can I use this part Ultra on my door? thank you by None N 11/24/2014
ANSWER: Yes, as long as the bottom edge of the door has the 1/4 inch<br />T-slots to slide the weather seal into!!! by Walt K a
ANSWER: I Have a Clopay garage door and it fit fine. I don't know my door part #. Pull some of your existing weather seal out. if it has the "T" groove it will more than likely fit. <br /><br />Mine works great. I had to adjust the door opener since this seal is almost an inch bigger... by Jim C a
QUESTION: I installed this product on my garage door, and it is so much "taller" than the old one that it catches on the side rubber trim that weather seals the door, which bends the bottom gasket and sometimes make it not seal to the floor. In addition, I cannot get the door to seal on the top because this is too tall on the bottom, so cold air and daylight are showing on the top when door is closed. It is a 9' Windsor 575 door 1 3/8th inch thick and the "P" channel is degraded on bottom of the door, so I cannot use the normal replacement gasket for this door, and need to use slip on ones. I had a set that lasted 6 years, but they are torn on the ends now, letting water in. I just found some slip on ones, from local garage door company, but they appear to be part plastic part rubber and very thin gasket material, which may tear if it freezes out and they get stuck to moisture on the floor. Any ideas? by None N 11/20/2014
ANSWER: The "catching" seems to call for trimming one or the other seals, or maybe treating them with a teflon lubricant. Hard to tell without seeing the situation first-hand. As for the height of the gasket, I found that to be an issue initially, but solved it but adjusting the "force" screw in the control box, so that the door puts more pressure on the bottom gasket when it closes, allowing the top of the door to seal properly. by Robert N a
ANSWER: I bought these tall seals due to an uneven garage floor...High in the middle. Had same issues.<br /><br />As far as the top panel not going back far enough to seat. You would have to adjust or slightly modify the top most set of roller brackets. Do so so that they are further away from the panel, thus pushing the top panel more tightly closed. I did and it worked great. Be sure to undo this if you put in a shorter seal another time!<br /><br />The bottom seal caught for me too. I had to trim a little so that it was overall shorter than required. This did leave an air gap on the ends, but it was less than the whole thing catching, and folding back a foot or more, creating a larger air gap. So just see where a little trimming might help. Good luck! APR by Andrew R a
QUESTION: Can this seal be used on a T type track that is 1 1/4" wide? You photo shows 2" wide by Darryl Z 11/5/2014
ANSWER: the track i used it on is 1 5/8 wide, the rubber is very flexible, i don't think you will have a problem by elliott s a
ANSWER: It should work as there is a lot of flex above the bulb. It will however be much harder to slide in. Do not use any vegetable or animal based oil as a lubricant as it will swell the rubber. The challenge will be to keep the flanges square with the slot in the track. by David M a