Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

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Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door is your go-to place for garage weather seals. The Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal is ideal for people who would like to keep the elements at bay with a flexible, high-performance rubber seal. This seal is specially designed with a pressurized tube. Such a tube will prevent the seal from flattening to create a better fit than other garage door seals. The tube measures one inch with .25 inch T-end rubber. Advantages of this weather seal are:

  • Easy conformity whether the floor is even or uneven.
  • Two rubber end plugs are included to place on both ends once the strip has been installed.
  • Easy installation.
  • Usable with conventional or pneumatic door bottoms.
  • Fits any garage door with the proper retainer.
A weather seal is economical, easy to install and can help reduce heating costs. When searching for a garage weather seal, look no further than North Shore Commercial Door. Our knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions by phone or online. We ship anywhere in the U.S. and will even ship internationally. In business for over 35 years, we have the experience to help you with your garage door needs. Check out the Ultra Rubber Garage Door T-End Tube Bottom Rubber Weather Seal today.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Cause our concrete floor uneven and need to stop the weather from coming in.... by Terry S 10/19/2014
COMMENT: To replace original by Kevin R 10/16/2014
QUESTION: I have a Windsor model 424 16ft door...I measured the bottom of the "track" that receives the t-end....is this product wide enough? by J N 10/4/2014
ANSWER: Did you measure the overall width of the bottom of the door or just the slots themselves? by Dimitrios S a
ANSWER: On the door I have the product was plenty wide to fit the door made a great seal on the bottom by Randy K a
ANSWER: When mine came it was plenty wide. I had about 10 inches left over. Hope this helps. by Joe S a
ANSWER: Just follow the specs on the website. There width dementions are listed most door tracks for the t channel is same. by Jon S a
STAFF ANSWER: As long as your door has the two T-shaped tracks then you will be fine to use this product it will hang down from the bottom of the door about 2 inches by Matthew O a
QUESTION: What is the measurement of the T 1/4"? by Ben L 10/2/2014
ANSWER: Excuse me, but I don't understand your question. by stephen p a
STAFF ANSWER: 1/4" by Matthew O a
QUESTION: will this door seal work with 1"&5/8 t rail? by Duane S 9/22/2014
ANSWER: Yes. It should work nicely with 1 5/8" T rail. by Robert N a
QUESTION: i want to order for three doors. do i combine lengths? by jhjhkh k 9/15/2014
ANSWER: yes by elliott s a
ANSWER: just make sure that the T bar is the right size for your door. That is the most likely problem you may have. You can order it in one length and cut to size. by Sam S a
ANSWER: It is easy to cut, but they only send you the end stoppers for each length cut. I don't know if you can order additional ones if you order all one length. I would order three separate pieces on one order. by Ashley B a
ANSWER: I don't believe ordering them Combined are for single doors would matter one way or the other they are great door seals prior to installing my Seals I always had problems with water when the rain would blow toward the door since I have installed the seals On my two doors I have never had water in my door by mitchell s a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes, you combine the lengths when adding the number of feet to the shopping cart. by Matthew O a