Universal Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal Replacement Kit for 2" Thick Doors

Universal Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal Replacement Kit for 2" Thick Doors

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Bad weather and rodents are the bane of the condition of your garage. At North Shore Commercial Door, we have over 35 years of experience in assisting people keep their garages in perfect condition or repair them when they begin to show signs of wear and tear. With the Universal Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal Replacement Kit, you can ensure that your garage will be sealed from the elements and troublesome pests. This seal replacement kit has several advantages for the person who lives by the credo of "do it yourself." They include:

  • Ability to install on all types and makes of garage doors.
  • Flexible vinyl will conform to uneven floors.
  • Stays flexible to a temperature of minus 30-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It is a universal aluminum and vinyl seal.
When you order, you will receive a nine foot kit of aluminum with two each at four feet six inches or an 18 foot kit with four each at four feet six inches. You will also receive the vinyl weather seal in a nine foot kit with one each or an 18 foot kit with one each and a four inch T vinyl weather seal. When looking for a Universal Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal Replacement Kit, your one and only destination is North Shore Commercial Door.

•The Aluminum track for the garage door bottom is 2 inch by 2 inch.

•Select your Kit Size above the "add to cart" button. They are sold as a 9 foot kit or an 18 foot kit


***Custom Sizes Available Call for Details***

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Best choice for my requirements 2 units by Joe B 4/27/2015
COMMENT: universal fit on old stanley doors 30+ years old by Roy S 4/25/2015
QUESTION: I have a 10' door, will I have to buy it in sections ?. I see the kit comes in either 9' or 18' by David H 3/24/2015
ANSWER: I would as them if they would make an exception for a 10' foot piece,if not go for the bigger one because it is worth the money. I also put half inch form<br /> Pipe covering in it,an it holds it nice an round. by ALFRED J a
ANSWER: If I remember correctly I got the 18' which was shipped in three six foot sections. You wold no doubt need to purchase this kit and cut one of the sections to fit, toss the third. Make sense. It should be easy enough, hope this helps, this worked great for me. by James P a
ANSWER: I would suggest getting the 18' section. You will have a continuous piece across the bottom. Save any left over for any future repairs if needed. by Kevin M a
ANSWER: I bought the 18 foot kit. The rubber seal was one continuous piece. The aluminum track came as four 4 1/2 foot long sections. Probably to keep shipping cost down. The product was shipped in a tube. Easy to assemble and worked well. Tom by Tom P a
ANSWER: Yes, you would need the 18' foot kit 2 9 foot pieces, 0ne seal. Cut the pieces to the correct length and feed through the seal. Trim seal to correct length. Should be a relatively easy replacement. by David L a
ANSWER: It is a great product. I have a 16' door and had to cut just with a hack saw to 2 8' pieces. by Kenneth F a
ANSWER: I had the same issue David. I was using this for an interior warehouse door. The bracket came in 2 pieces and I just spaced them a little bit apart and mounted them. for exterior use i think you may need the longer kit and then saw a section to make a continuous bracket 3 pieces total by Brent D a
QUESTION: I have a door that measures 1 3/4" do you have a weather seal kit for this door? by None N 11/29/2014
STAFF ANSWER: This is for 2" thick doors. Look at our M-D Building products for one that will better fit your 1-3/4" thick door. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Hi, so this is the 9ft kit, so does the rubber seal and the 2in by 2in aluminum piece and screws come with it as well? by James P 10/22/2014
ANSWER: Yes, very satisfied with this product also very simple to install. by Charles j a
ANSWER: I installed on my older metal door. It is great. Had to cut one piece of aluminum as it was too long. But a great kit. Would do it again anytime. <br />Ken by Kenneth F a
ANSWER: Yes the seal came in the kit and slides into the aluminum pieces. You may have to use some liquid soap to make it slide easier. Someone to help feed the seal or pull the seal is easier. Trim the seal to the desired lenght, my seal had an extra 3-4 inches. by David L a
ANSWER: The unit we got for the 16 ft. door was plastic entirely. It worked very well. We haven't opened the box from our last purchase, so I don't know if it is aluminum or plastic. In any event I am pleased with the product. by PALMER B a
QUESTION: What kind of fastener do you recommend to attach the aluminum track to a steel door? The instructions do not specify and I didn't receive any in my kit. by Brian M 10/8/2014
ANSWER: I used 1/4 self tapping screws. by ALFRED J a
ANSWER: I used sheet matel screws and it has worked well. You can always bolt it on. by steven r a
STAFF ANSWER: Self tapping screw by Matthew O a