US Automatic Patriot 1 Swing Gate Opener with 2-Remotes

US Automatic Patriot 1 Swing Gate Opener with 2-Remotes
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US Automatic Patriot 1 Swing Gate Opener with 2-Remotes
US Automatic Patriot 1 Swing Gate Opener with 2-Remotes
Product Description

AC or Solar charged

Ideal for the installation requiring faster operating speed, proven strength and reliability the Patriot is unmatched in the industry with 14 years of superior performance. Solar charged gate operators from USAutomatic are the most efficient in the industry. Being the industry leader and educator in solar charged gate systems since 1999 means we know how to do solar right.


Made in the USA

Warranty: 5 year control board / 3 year all other components

2 - LCR 2 button transmitters Included

Pre-wired solar friendly LCR dual channel receiver

Same control board for Single, Dual or Slide operator

Solar or AC charged with solar friendly Smart charge controller

Designed to operate with all types of solar friendly accessories without adding solar panels

Independent Gate 1 and Gate 2 sensitivity adjustment

Soft stop selectable for swing or slide operators

Battery powered providing real battery backup. Not 1 cycle

Built in Timer to Close

Photo Eye Power Management (PEPM) solar friendly software

For Residential, light commercial, farm and ranch use

Fast ~12 second cycle time (90 degree opening)

Danaher 24 linear actuator delivering 500 lbs of dynamic thrust and a static hold load rating of 1000 lbs

Single or Dual gate compatible
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COMMENT: Recommended by installer by James V 1/18/2017
COMMENT: I have owned one for several years and have not had any trouble. I am replacing a mighty mule which i have had for 2 years and had lots of problems. by Gene M 8/28/2015
QUESTION: i currently have patriot 1 a/c and think about replacing it because the internal plastic gear mechanism looks like worn out. should i need other items that might not included in this package less battery? by A k 7/26/2016
ANSWER: My Patriot box came with everything I could need to install it. I used longer mounting bolts for my gate post because it's wider than most. If you are just replacing your opener you should be fine. Good luck. by Stephen Z a
QUESTION: I cannot program the remote for this gate on my new car. I have two Liftmaster garage door door openers. I programmed the car for the garage doors from the hand held remote control, but it does not work for the gate. I don't see a learn button the gate opener. How can I program it? by None N 6/26/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Liftmaster remote will not work on a patriot! by Taylor M a
QUESTION: how do i talk to someone about the patriot 1 gate opener ? by None N 9/24/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Please give me a call at 800.783.6112 EXT 12 by Matthew O a
ANSWER: This is my second gate opener 4 patriot 1. I installed one at my previous property and it handled a 16 foot gate by 350 pounds. On this property that I presently own I again installed the Patriot 1. It is installed on the gate that weighs 560 pounds 16 feet long. It works effortlessly. On both gates i used an interstate gel battery. When I saw the other property the gate opener is 5 years old and so is the gel battery and had no problems. Present gate has been installed for about 3 months and I have no problems with the gate opener either. Hope this hope helps. by Frank R a
QUESTION: Is this complete. Aside from a battery is anything else required to have a completely working gate opener? by don b 8/16/2015
ANSWER: No. by Erik W a
ANSWER: Yes. This is a complete unit except for the battery. My handman was able to replace my gate operator without issue. I have had the gate for 5 months now, and it is working great. by Blake J a
ANSWER: Battery is all you need unless you want it to open as you approach from inside your property. You will need a sensor so as you drive up it will trigger the gate to open. That part does not come with the opener. I bought a full size marine battery just to make sure no matter how often we opened and closed it would always work. I have another unit just like the one I just bought and started with a marine battery in it. Three years later and I have had no issues at all. by Michael N a
ANSWER: I did not run electricity because of the distance to the house. I had to purchase a battery and solar panel. I have had this same opener for over a year and it's been very reliable, not one single issue at all. by Barry O a
ANSWER: An Exit sensor is convenient and tools to do the installation if you are doing it yourself. You will probably need a few nuts and bolts depending on how you do the installation. I replaced a different brand of gate opener so it was a little easier to retrofit, however, there were several modifications I had to make in order to make it work. by STT S a
ANSWER: No, everything is in the package except for the rooeverything is in the package except for the battery. I would recommend I would recommend purchasing a gel battery fot it. This is my second pictur This is my second picture gate opener the first was onproperty in Midlothian Texas the second one is onproperty in Stephenville Texas by Frank R a
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