Direct Replacment Kit # 7575 Gear and Sprocket Kit $21.00ea

Direct Replacment Kit # 7575 Gear and Sprocket Kit $21.00ea

Item# 7575
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Product Description

The Kit # 7575 is a direct replacement for Liftmaster part # 41C4220A Gear and Sprocket Assembly. This aftermarket kit is a preferred way to "refurbish" your garage door opener as it quickly replaces all of the common wear parts in the opener drive system.


Also fits openers labeled under various names such as: Sears Craftsman, True Value, Master Mechanic, and some units from Wayne Dalton. Liftmaster also "private labeled" openers for regional suppliers and dealers - usually it is very easy to see that it is a Liftmaster opener with a different name on the cover. Compare your parts to the picture above. The Large Gear is 2 3/4" x 1/2" wide, with a 1/2" bore. The worm gear is 1 1/8" OD, and the teeth are 1 1/4" wide (all sizes are approximate).

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Less expensive than opener replacement. by David G 1/13/2014
COMMENT: To repair a Craftsman Garage Door Opener by Justin M 1/4/2014
QUESTION: How easy is it to install ? by Richard z 12/14/2013
ANSWER: My husband installed it and said he had no trouble. part is working fine. Solved our problem. by cheryl r a
ANSWER: real easy loosen chain set a side remove 3 5/16 bolts one in back a little hard to remove/ remove lower chip remove gear / grease new one reinstall 15 mins start to finish by frank c a
ANSWER: Takes a bit of time but wasn't too difficult to install. I think it took about 40 minutes or so. by Willard T a
ANSWER: The sprocket was very easy to install. Only took about 30 minutes to saw the top edge off of the metal casing off so it was shaped the same as the original sprocket and it would fit onto the base. I did not need to replace the other parts as they were not worn. The three screws fit exactly as the original manufacturer's part and I'm having no difficulty with the part. by William S a
ANSWER: it was easy to install. did not require any special tools. just follow the instructions by john w a
ANSWER: Installation was straightforward, but you will need a good mechanical aptitude and basic tools on hand. Considerable disassembly of the unit is required, and the work is all overhead, so a bit tedious. I think it took me about 2 hours, but replacing these parts restored the unit to like new operation. by John B a
REPLY: Thanks John. Saw video on replacement and looks<br />pretty easy. by Richard z r
ANSWER: The parts fit perfect - its pretty easy even if you are only a little mechanically inclined. by Bill C a
ANSWER: If you are mechanically inclined it will be very easy....not an expert, but reasonable knowledge. by Carolyn S a
ANSWER: Its not that hard as long as you take your time and make mental notes or take pictures as you take apart the old gear. Make sure that its unplugged and all power to unit is off. by S S a
QUESTION: Does it fit the the 322c? by None N 3/29/2013
ANSWER: I am sorry I couldn't tell if It fits 322c but in case others with WD315 want to know, it does fit that model. The only difference from mine was that the cap below the sprocket on my opener from 1994 had threaded holes and this one doesn't. It was easily remedied by using slightly narrower screws and nuts on the other side of the hole, by Kamran T a
ANSWER: I don't think so. The 3222c is a Wayne Dalton Prodrive, it has a dual gear I think. The gear kit you looked at is a single gear that fits ChamberlainLiftmaster & Sears I think you might need WD-325020. I'm not 100% though. Good Luck. by Paul S a
STAFF ANSWER: What brand? by Matthew O a