Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring

Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring

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Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring Instruction Manual
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Product Description

Your Wayne Dalton garage door is built to last, but all springs will wear out over time. With our Wayne Dalton Torquemaster garage door springs, you can quickly get your door functioning again. Wayne Dalton garage door spring parts like these Torquemaster springs are notoriously sturdy and durable. We carry both Torquemaster One and Torquemaster Plus Wayne Dalton garage door springs to ensure that you get exactly the right product for your doors.

Ordering your new Wayne Dalton Torquemaster springs is simple. Look on the white sticker found on your current Torquemaster spring tubes to find the information you need (left side of tube). See Photo Below:Photobucket

  • Built specifically for Wayne Dalton garage doors
  • Order according to door width and height for a perfect fit
  • Choose from Torquemaster One and Torquemaster Plus springs
  • Features Wayne Dalton’s exclusive counterbalance system for safe operation
  • Designed to prevent injury and accidents

    All information in the drop down arrows must be completed in order to process your order and prevent delays. Please include your garage door size, model number, weight or ZZ#, and if your springs are Torquemaster One or Torquemaster Plus.

    You can tell if your system is Torquemaster one if you wind the spring with a drill or your door was manufactured before 2007. See picture below:

    We always recommend replacing springs in pairs (where applicable) due to spring having equal cycle life and the opposite spring will most likely also fail soon leaving your door inoperable.

    TorqueMaster is Wayne-Dalton's exclusive counterbalance system that safely and cleanly contains the springs inside a steel tube. The TorqueMaster design helps prevent injury that could result from the accidental release of tension.

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    Comments / Questions

    COMMENT: Very easy to use their web site. by David g 5/16/2015
    COMMENT: original failed and needed replacement by mike P 5/13/2015
    QUESTION: I don't know if I have one or two springs for my unit? It's a large one door Garage.16x7 129 lbs.Wayne Dalton. The springs are inside the pole and I can't see it. Help. by Ken w 5/10/2015
    ANSWER: You most likely have 2 springs. My advice would be to dump the Wayne Dalton springs and convert to a torsion spring system. My TorqueMaster springs broke 2 times during the winter on a 16x8 door. After the second time I converted to torsion and dumped the Idrive for a LiftMaster Jackstand opener.<br /><br />Hope this helps<br /><br />Jay by James W a
    ANSWER: There are two springs. by Paul K a
    ANSWER: My door, same size, has two. by Shawn S a
    REPLY: My model was not the Plus, but your correct model should be listed on the white tag. I installed mine myself using an electric screwdriver/drill to decrease then increase the torque bolts. Very important! by Shawn S r
    ANSWER: There are two springs inside the tube. They are inserted one form each side. If the old ones have broken, they may be difficult to remove but not impossible. by Keith B a
    ANSWER: Double garage doors have two springs. Usually only one breaks but they should be replaced in pairs. There is a left and right spring, which are wound differently. by John R a
    QUESTION: I need to replace the springs on my Wayne Dalton gargae door. I is 16 x 8 no window, the sticker on the springs says the weight is 150, but when I called the Wayne dalton office that installed it they said that is is 324 does that sound right? Or are they give me the run around so they can instlall it them selves? by None N 4/21/2015
    ANSWER: The several numbers on the stickers can be confusing. If your strong enough to lift 150lbs, then try to lift the door, you should be able to tell the difference between 150 and 324lbs. You could always slide a bathroom scale underneath to get an accurate weight.<br /><br />Good luck...Be careful by Bret L a
    ANSWER: I need some additional information in order to be able to answer the question. Are these regular springs? Are they torque springs? Most of these are user friendly, you can generally find a UTube video that demonstrates how to remove and replace them. IF these are torque type springs the information you need is on the housing of the spring. You find this on one side or the unit as you're looking at the door. If you have any additional questions or you can provide a picture or two I may be able to help you out a little more. Thanks for asking and have a nice day. by Stanley L a
    ANSWER: My door is 16' no window and I used the 150. Easy to do yourself as well. by chris c a
    ANSWER: 324 is way off. my 16x8 wayne dalton door is 155, replaced springs myself. The job is easy by Joe G a
    ANSWER: Doesn't sound right to me. But it has been awhile since i installed mine myself. However, you may want to double check... as I seem to recall that there are two springs and it was recommended to replaced both even though only one snapped. Prehaps it is 150lb per spring ~300Lb... And if that is the case then 2x150 springs would have been below spec for your 324lb door and you should replace with at least 2x160 springs to accomodate the 324lb door. I installed mine with on help 2 years ago, save a bunch money and it's worked fine. hope that helps... by Zedric T a
    STAFF ANSWER: no that will not work. Please go by the 150 that is on the label. by Matthew O a
    QUESTION: Torque master original. My right spring is broken and the sticker is painted over. I have some info but not all the numbers. My door is 16 x7ft. I believe the wt.# is 130.80 and the SSD # is08/08/00 Qty10 and the last 7 numbers I think are 465077.<br /><br />Is this enough infor to order a spring or set of springs?<br />Terry Gentry- Michigan by Terry G 4/11/2015
    ANSWER: I have a 16x7 "130110 Torquemaster FCII Solid" door that weighs 129 lbs. No date on the sticker but its about 15 years old. You should have enough info to order the door - the only real variable is the shape at the end of the spring. The North Shore website illustrates the differences. My only recommendation is to replace both springs while you have it disassembled. I made the mistake of replacing 1 and the 2nd broke within a year. They both go through the same number of cycles so their life spans are pretty close. Pretty easy install for a decent handyman. by Randy R a
    ANSWER: I would order both sides. They found mine no problem. by Steve G a
    ANSWER: I would order both sides. They found mine no problem. by Steve G a
    ANSWER: I had a complete sticker, but I think if you call their customer service number you have enough info for them to select the correct spring. Weight, length, single or two springs and style are the important specs and you have that. by Brian S a
    STAFF ANSWER: Please look at the photographs on our website to determine if you have a torquemaster one or a torque master plus. by Matthew O a
    QUESTION: have a yellow sticker with just torqumater on it the door has 4 panels at 22 inches a pieces I think its a 7ft 3 inch door it says foamcore series on it how can I figure the weight of the door ?? thank you<br />need the cable drums to left and right it has the black plastic ends on them from 1997 by Mike F 2/26/2015