Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring

Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring

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Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring Instruction Manual
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Product Description

Your Wayne Dalton garage door is built to last, but all springs will wear out over time. With our Wayne Dalton Torquemaster garage door springs, you can quickly get your door functioning again. Wayne Dalton garage door spring parts like these Torquemaster springs are notoriously sturdy and durable. We carry both Torquemaster One and Torquemaster Plus Wayne Dalton garage door springs to ensure that you get exactly the right product for your doors.

Ordering your new Wayne Dalton Torquemaster springs is simple. Look on the white sticker found on your current Torquemaster spring tubes to find the information you need (left side of tube). See Photo Below:Photobucket

  • Built specifically for Wayne Dalton garage doors
  • Order according to door width and height for a perfect fit
  • Choose from Torquemaster One and Torquemaster Plus springs
  • Features Wayne Dalton’s exclusive counterbalance system for safe operation
  • Designed to prevent injury and accidents

    All information in the drop down arrows must be completed in order to process your order and prevent delays. Please include your garage door size, model number, weight or ZZ#, and if your springs are Torquemaster One or Torquemaster Plus.

    You can tell if your system is Torquemaster one if you wind the spring with a drill or your door was manufactured before 2007. See picture below:

    We always recommend replacing springs in pairs (where applicable) due to spring having equal cycle life and the opposite spring will most likely also fail soon leaving your door inoperable.

    TorqueMaster is Wayne-Dalton's exclusive counterbalance system that safely and cleanly contains the springs inside a steel tube. The TorqueMaster design helps prevent injury that could result from the accidental release of tension.

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    Comments / Questions

    COMMENT: I have a broken garage door torsion spring. The door label says Wayne-Dalton and I looked you up on the internet. You also had someone to chat with, which was very helpful. by nat s 12/16/2014
    COMMENT: Good price and in stock by Andrew S 12/11/2014
    QUESTION: I have a Wayne Dalton Torquemaster garage door. The door is for a double garage. The door was new in 1999. I have a leftside sticker on the door spring tube above the door. How do I know what type of spring it is and do I need right and left spring? by Chris W 10/30/2014
    REPLY: You will never buy anything from this place again\ by Chris W r
    QUESTION: My existing tube does not have the label on it which shows the balance weight of the door. The door is aluminum 16' x 7'. Do you have an estimate on the weight? by None N 10/17/2014
    QUESTION: I ordered a Torque Master One for my door and it is flimsy vs. the original which is stiff. The orginal seems to have a metal rod that goes through it because the spring is broken and you can see the rod. Why does the new one not have a rod in it? by Franco D 10/1/2014
    ANSWER: I'm pretty sure 98% you remove the rod from the old spring piece and put it inside the new spring. The rod on mine was a spacer that spanned the rest of the doir. by shawn s a
    STAFF ANSWER: The new springs no longer require the rod to be inside. by Matthew O a
    QUESTION: Is there a left spring or are both springs the same? by Charles H 7/2/2014
    ANSWER: Springs are same but you Should replace both. If one snapped then the other may be close. If decide to do just one then keep eye out for other side! by L I a
    ANSWER: I don't know if you have one d or or two, but the springs are the same. There should be a sticker on the rod with all the coding on it for ordering. Each door uses one spring, a rod, and a guide. Each door only uses one spring. It is much shorter than you would expect, and only goes nearly half the length of the tube, that is where the rod comes in. by shawn s a
    ANSWER: There IS an important difference in the left and right springs. They are color-coded on the loading ends to identify them. The springs may be different lengths and have different numbers of coils. They will not function if placed on the wrong side. by D R a
    ANSWER: Charles,<br />If your door is no wider than 8-9 feet, only one spring is required. However, if you have a door that is 16 or more feet wide, you will need two springs. The length of the spring retainer should be a guide. by ken H a
    ANSWER: If I recall correctly, my unit only had a single spring. I pulled out the old broken spring to order the correct replacement. by Steven M a
    ANSWER: the left sping is painted with red paint on the end by G G a
    ANSWER: on the torquemaster spring the left spring is painted with red on the end of it by G G a
    ANSWER: I ordered both leftnand right. They were color coded. by Stan N a