Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring

Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring

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Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Garage Door Spring Instruction Manual
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Product Description

Your Wayne Dalton garage door is built to last, but all springs will wear out over time. With our Wayne Dalton Torquemaster garage door springs, you can quickly get your door functioning again. Wayne Dalton garage door spring parts like these Torquemaster springs are notoriously sturdy and durable. We carry both Torquemaster One and Torquemaster Plus Wayne Dalton garage door springs to ensure that you get exactly the right product for your doors.

Ordering your new Wayne Dalton Torquemaster springs is simple. Look on the white sticker found on your current Torquemaster spring tubes to find the information you need (left side of tube). See Photo Below:Photobucket

  • Built specifically for Wayne Dalton garage doors
  • Order according to door width and height for a perfect fit
  • Choose from Torquemaster One and Torquemaster Plus springs
  • Features Wayne Dalton’s exclusive counterbalance system for safe operation
  • Designed to prevent injury and accidents

    All information in the drop down arrows must be completed in order to process your order and prevent delays. Please include your garage door size, model number, weight or ZZ#, and if your springs are Torquemaster One or Torquemaster Plus.

    You can tell if your system is Torquemaster one if you wind the spring with a drill or your door was manufactured before 2007. See picture below:

    We always recommend replacing springs in pairs (where applicable) due to spring having equal cycle life and the opposite spring will most likely also fail soon leaving your door inoperable.

    TorqueMaster is Wayne-Dalton's exclusive counterbalance system that safely and cleanly contains the springs inside a steel tube. The TorqueMaster design helps prevent injury that could result from the accidental release of tension.

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    Comments / Questions

    COMMENT: broken garage door by Gary C 8/30/2015
    COMMENT: that good for my garage door by Neang H 8/30/2015
    QUESTION: Can you please give me the right spring for my Wayne Dalton garage door? The specs in the sticker shows;<br />18X7 FCII SOLID 133X40.23 LH<br />WT 128 5/5/08<br />SPR,TM3,W/DRIV.0.650X.137X42.85,OPN,W/LINER<br />314973<br />TORQUEMASTER LEFT SIDE by None N 8/29/2015
    QUESTION: Do the Torquemaster One springs come with the plastic sheaths? by Shona M 8/3/2015
    ANSWER: Yes they do come with plastic sheaths on the springs.<br />The fun part is getting the old ones out of the tube as the grease tends to make them "bond" to the inside of the tube. by Keith B a
    ANSWER: Yes, everything necessary was included in my order. by Gregory L a
    QUESTION: The label on my spring tube? is completely scraped off. Is there any other way to figure out what weight my garage door is? by David R 7/30/2015
    ANSWER: Sorry for the delay in response, I was little busy, Mine is Wayne Dalton Quantum Garage Door system - motor mechanism and springs - <br />Mine is a 170 pounds door 9 standard thin sheet door - 5 split door rolling up and down vertically.<br />1. The spring is inserted in a thin plastic sleeve and both sleeve and spring goes inside a main steel pipe and everything is concealed. Means you cant see the spring from out side. It is safe in the event it breaks. <br />2. Only the spring on the right side got broke after nearly 9 years of use.<br />3. You need to release the tension of the unbroken spring In order to lift the door otherwise you cant open by yourself which may hurt your back. <br />4. I changed both springs at the same time got new springs from NorthShore, discuss with them they will give you the right instruction.<br />5. Both springs are wound in opposite direction therefore is you go for only one make sure you order the correct side Right or left one<br />6. Follow the step by step instruction procedure in manual if you have a little technical /mechanical ideas or experience.<br />7. Release the pressure/tension in the unbroken spring and watch carefully how you have to go in a forward and reverse order dissembling & assembling<br />8. Regarding the weight of the door mine was a normal one <br />170 LB<br /><br /><br />Note<br />If both springs were broken at the same time then <br />you can find an approximate weight how?<br />get one or two peoples help lift the door put a weighing machine I used the one in bathroom scale to check my body weight<br />carefully place the machine under the door on a flat surface and slow and carefully allow the door to sit on the machine do not drop the door on you weighing machine, if so it will break so be careful and check the weight.<br /><br />with only one spring broken you can figure out the weight of the door in the same way. you need more muscle people to lift the door under tension.<br />Go to you tube video and type in how to replace a broken garage door springs - you will see lots of videos , specify your brand and model . otherwise look for similar one to get and idea how to do step by step. u need lot of patience and it is hot inside garage now during summer season. Careful don't over tighten the main springs and chances are there it will break. also the winding wire on both ends of bobbin. Take care!<br />Thanks and wish you all success.<br />George by George K a
    ANSWER: Two person push it up and have person put the scale under it. by David S a
    ANSWER: See if the door itself has a label to get the model number. That one plus the size can get you the weight for torque sizing. The othe option is to put a scale underneathe and manually lower the door down on it disconnect the door from motor. I have a 9600 8x7 and it only weights like 80lbs. by Daniel I a
    ANSWER: While holding the door up, have someone put a bath scale under it. Lower the door onto the scale and then read the weight. by leo C a
    STAFF ANSWER: use a bathroom scale. by Matthew O a
    QUESTION: hi there. I have a Wayne dalton 16x7 door with the torque tube set up double spring and I thing the springs are broken? because it I lift up the door manually it crashes back down. I have the spring rate at 18 by None N 6/29/2015
    ANSWER: You are most likely correct. All garage door springs have a "life cycle". Most residential garage doors have roughly 10,000 cycle springs. If one of your springs is broken, and your door has gone up and down about 10,000 times, then it is time to replace both springs. There should be a sticker or stickers on your tube that tells the info about your spring or springs. Most important is the weight of the door. by Michael C a
    ANSWER: Depending on the type of door you can just use the tables provided. Mine is an insulated door with windows. A little heavier than the normal one wall panels. by Clay L a
    ANSWER: Id say yes. by Steve G a
    ANSWER: Sounds like both sides are broke like mine were. I replaced both springs and have had no issues since. by Michael Z a
    ANSWER: Yes, sounds like the springs are broken.<br />There are 2...even if only one is broken, you will want to replace both<br />Good videos exist on you tube to help you get that done. by Kevin D a
    ANSWER: Yes, it does sound like you have a broken spring that you will need to replace by Brian S a
    STAFF ANSWER: yes they need replaced if this is happening by Matthew O a