Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad 303MHZ 297138

Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad 303MHZ  297138

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Product Description

The Wayne-Dalton Keyless Entry Pad for 303 Mhz openers adds another layer of convenience to garage door access. It is a wireless system that installs outside of your home and allows entry with a PIN. Security is ensured with rolling code technology.


The Wayne-Dalton 303 Mhz Wireless Keyless Entry Pad Features:

Garage Door Access with PIN

Rolling Code Security


Simple Installation

Able to Control up to Three Openers

303 MHz Operator Compatibility



The Wayne-Dalton 303 Mhz Wireless Keyless Entrypad is compatible with all 303 Mhz Wayne-Dalton Garage Door Openers including:

Classicdrive Models #3014, 3012, 3016, 3512

Quantum Models #3212, 3213, 3412

To determine the model of your garage door opener, look for the silver sticker on the back of the opener motor. The frequency of your opener can be located on the back of the remote control.



303 Mhz Frequency

Model #02-3039 UH

Part #297138

Alternate Part # 02-3039 UH, 02-3039 U

Compatible Accessories:

Three Button Remote - 297134

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: replacement for original one by Virginia C 2/25/2013
QUESTION: How do I change the entry code on my keypad Thanks by None N 1/10/2014
ANSWER: Press ON/RESET<br />Press *<br />Enter your 4 digit code<br />Press *<br />Enter your new 4 digit code followed by 1 assuming you have only 1 door motor to operate<br />Press #<br /><br />The yellow LED will stay on for a couple of seconds, then the green LED will blink, and finally the Yellow LED will blink twice, indicating the change was successful.<br /><br />If any questions, write again. Good luck! by C T a
ANSWER: I believe it is on the sticker under the cover. You certainly want to remove this after installation. If you are referring to a keypad you already have, you would want to grab that from here: <a href="http://www.northshorecommercialdoor.com/wayne-dalton-manuals.html" target="_blank">http://www.northshorecommercialdoor.com/wayne-dalton-manuals.html</a> by R O a
QUESTION: How do you change batteries? by None N 7/7/2013
ANSWER: There is a single 9v battery. It is easy to access the battery. You just flip open the door to expose the keypad. Then there is a slide out cover on the bottom, below the keypad. No tools are required to change the battery. I have not had to change the battery on mine yet after 2 years, but I don't use the keypad very often. by J E a
ANSWER: At the very bottom of the unit there is a bottom you press and a compartment slides down. That's where the 9V battery is hidden. by J A a
ANSWER: take it off the wall and change them from the back. by R I a