Windsor P-Bulb Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

Windsor P-Bulb Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

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North Shore Commercial Door is your home for the Windsor P-bulb garage door bottom weather seal. These seals are sold by the foot and are designed exclusively for Windsor garage doors. This P-bulb weather seal fits 240, 224, 575, 730, 735, 790, 775, 730CHD, 750CHD and 755 series garage doors. The P bulb seals are made from a black vinyl compound for strength and durability. The total height of the seal, including the P, is 1 ¾ inches.

Installing this seal is not too difficult. North Shore recommends the installation to be done by two people, one feeing the seal and one pulling it through the channel. In addition, you can be assured that you are using the proper seal if your old seal looks like the P-bulb seal. The age of your Windsor garage door does not matter because Windsor has only ever made one size P shaped bottom seal and this product, item number WINDSOR-PERFT, is it.

• Sold by the foot - provide length desired (in feet) in box above

• Total height of seal including "P" is 1-3/4"

• "P" bulb width is 1-1/4" O.D. with a height of 1-3/8" O.D.

• Made for Windsor garage doors

• Fits 240, 224, 575, 730, 735, 790, 775, 730CHD, 750CHD, and 755 series garage doors and many more

• Made from a strong, black vinyl compound

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: I needed it. by Nick H 4/15/2014
COMMENT: I need for my house. by Sanith S 4/8/2014
QUESTION: I have a 474 Windsor garage door, will this fit Should I measure the width, height. How is package for shipping? by Neeki R 3/28/2014
ANSWER: It is not an easy replacement job. Try and find a pro to do it. It comes on a roll based on length you need. by Spencer Y a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes if your Windsor unit has the P shaped seal then it is the one. It comes rolled up in a box. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: My seal has an embedded metal iside the rubber and is held on by a metal angle bolted to the door, I can't find a replacement but this p-bulb looks something like it. Will it work? by Ed C 2/11/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Please send us a picture of your old seal and we will see if we can identify it for you. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Sorry, how can i attach pictures to show you what i explained in my previous questions? by Preet S 12/27/2013
ANSWER: Just attach your picture to your e-mail back to the company.<br />You can also paste the pictures onto a Word.doc and e-mail the document to them. by Larry P a
STAFF ANSWER: Please just email us directly @ <a href="" target="_blank"></a> with any questions and photos. Send us a picture of the old seal and we can possible match a replacement for ya. <br /><br />Thank you. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: The handle to lift the garage door read Stanley and therefore, i'm assuming that my garage door is also Stanley Brand. Now, it has a P-Shaped groove at the bottom and i'm looking at your P-Bulb shaped seal. Can you please let me know if this would work for my door or not Thanks. by Preet S 12/21/2013
STAFF ANSWER: If it is STANLEY brand door the Winsdor P Bulb will likely not fit. You will want to take a look at our universal bottom replacement kits. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: Yes it will. P-Shape Bulb is standard with any P-Shape hardware on the bottom of a door. Suggestion- put some oil on the door hardware as well as on the P-Shape Bulb seal, for easier installation. by Ron D a
ANSWER: Yes it will fit your door and it is easy to install. <br />I hope this is helpfull to you. by Martin B a