Windsor P-Bulb Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

Windsor P-Bulb Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

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North Shore Commercial Door is your home for the Windsor P-bulb garage door bottom weather seal. These seals are sold by the foot and are designed exclusively for Windsor garage doors. This P-bulb weather seal fits 240, 224, 575, 730, 735, 790, 775, 730CHD, 750CHD and 755 series garage doors. The P bulb seals are made from a black vinyl compound for strength and durability. The total height of the seal, including the P, is 1 ¾ inches.

Installing this seal is not too difficult. North Shore recommends the installation to be done by two people, one feeing the seal and one pulling it through the channel. In addition, you can be assured that you are using the proper seal if your old seal looks like the P-bulb seal. The age of your Windsor garage door does not matter because Windsor has only ever made one size P shaped bottom seal and this product, item number WINDSOR-PERFT, is it.

• Sold by the foot - provide length desired (in feet) in box above

• Total height of seal including "P" is 1-3/4"

• "P" bulb width is 1-1/4" O.D. with a height of 1-3/8" O.D.

• Made for Windsor garage doors

• Fits 240, 224, 575, 730, 735, 790, 775, 730CHD, 750CHD, and 755 series garage doors and many more

• Made from a strong, black vinyl compound

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Replace original Windsor garage door bottom seal. by Alvester C 9/1/2015
COMMENT: easy to find and drawing confirmed I was purchasing a direct replacement by Thaddeus G 8/31/2015
QUESTION: Will this seal fit a model 426 Windsor door ? by Field H 9/1/2015
ANSWER: Yes, If the profile matches the profile of your existing door seal. The P-bulb shape has to fit the channel already in your door. by JOHN R a
QUESTION: How to install Windsor P-Bulb? by None N 8/30/2015
ANSWER: It just slides in the channel on the bottom of the door. It is easier with two people. One to push it through and the other to gently pull it. by Laurie W a
ANSWER: Installation was fairly simple despite my garage doors beat up condition. My grip was not very good on such a small item so I used pliers to first pull out the old strip. Working from the outside of the door, I made the starting edge a little wider by slightly bending out one side of the channel with the pliers on the first inch or so. Then I slid the beginning of the new strip in and used my pliers/some muscle to pull it through the channel to the other side of the door. After it was through and trimmed to fit my door exactly then I used a hammer to tap the part of the channel I widened back into place. by Cassidy E a
QUESTION: If you order 16' do you send exactly 16' or a few inches longer? by John S 7/2/2015
ANSWER: I believe you will get exactly 16'. I ordered a foot more than I needed to do 3 doors and when I was done, I had a foot left over. by TODD S a
ANSWER: You definitely get more than 16 ft. by Patricia S a
ANSWER: As I recall, the lengths I ordered were no more than an inch over my request. I planned and ordered about four inches extra for each door, that way I made sure I wouldn't be short and had enough to custom trim it to size once installed.<br />Hope that helps. by Gordon S a
STAFF ANSWER: Usually it is 1-2" Longer by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I received my seal today and installed it. Should I have received two plugs with this seal? by Janet M 6/1/2015
ANSWER: I don't remember receiving a plug. All I remember receiving was the seal to install on the garage door. It was a little difficult to install but with my wife's help to align while I pulled or pushed it. Once the garage door goes down the hole part will close. Be sure to have plenty of length on both sides of the door before cutting any extra length. Better to have more than not enough. by Steven D a
ANSWER: I didn't receive plugs with my order. Plugs were not mentioned on the site when I ordered it either. The old one I took off didn't have plugs either. I think plugs would make the ends too rigid and it wouldn't seal properly. by Allan B a
STAFF ANSWER: No , Windsor seal does not have "plugs" for then ends by Matthew O a