Windsor P-Bulb Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

Windsor P-Bulb Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal
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North Shore Commercial Door is your home for the Windsor P-bulb garage door bottom weather seal. These seals are sold by the foot and are designed exclusively for Windsor garage doors. This P-bulb weather seal fits 240, 224, 575, 730, 735, 790, 775, 730CHD, 750CHD and 755 series garage doors. The P bulb seals are made from a black vinyl compound for strength and durability. The total height of the seal, including the P, is 1 ¾ inches.

Installing this seal is not too difficult. North Shore recommends the installation to be done by two people, one feeing the seal and one pulling it through the channel. In addition, you can be assured that you are using the proper seal if your old seal looks like the P-bulb seal. The age of your Windsor garage door does not matter because Windsor has only ever made one size P shaped bottom seal and this product, item number WINDSOR-PERFT, is it.

•Sold by the foot - provide length desired (in feet) in box above

•Total height of seal including "P" is 1-3/4"

•"P" bulb width is 1-1/4" O.D. with a height of 1-3/8" O.D.

•Made for Windsor garage doors

•Fits 240, 224, 575, 730, 735, 790, 775, 730CHD, 750CHD, and 755 series garage doors and many more

•Made from a strong, black vinyl compound

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Need a replacement by Jonathan C 4/29/2016
COMMENT: the old one was destroyed by either the dog or cat by Randal P 4/28/2016
QUESTION: The p bulb on mine measures about a half inch across and I'm talking specifically about the p bulb that slides into the track do you have that? by None N 3/14/2016
ANSWER: you want this one - Item# WINDSOR-PERFT - "Windsor p bulb garage door bottom seal". I bought this about a year ago and the "p bulb" is 1/2". it worked very well ! by matt m a
QUESTION: Installed my new seal today, my problem is the rubber lays over to one side. How can get it conformed to the center of the door? Your picture shows a round bulb but they are flat. Do I need a backer rod in it to help shape it? by Dale P 1/12/2016
ANSWER: I did put the 1inch backer of inside the rubber seal and it will flatten over time but it makes a great seal. by Nick H a
STAFF ANSWER: Most cases it will take its shape no longer then a week sometimes it takes awhile from being rolled up in the box I have heard of some people putting a garden hose in the seal to make it take the shape quicker. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: I have a model 240 winsor door that is about 30 years old I think; never had the bottom metal changed and I need a seal about 20 foot long. will it fit? by charles s 1/9/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Please view the specs on the seal and verify it will fit all are dimensions are accurate ! by Taylor M a
QUESTION: How LONG is this seal? by None N 12/14/2015
ANSWER: it is sold by the foot by matt m a
ANSWER: It's sold by the foot by charles m a