Zareba GT1 Gate Opener One Button Remote Transmitter

Zareba GT1 Gate Opener One Button Remote Transmitter

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Zareba GT1 Gate Opener One Button Remote Transmitter Instruction Manual
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Product Description

The Zareba GT1 Gate Opener One Button Remote Transmitter available at North Shore Commercial Door is a maximum-security device complete with 1,024 codes and full compatibility with Zareba receivers and transmitters. The GT1 includes an integrated LED light that indicates battery strength.
  • Operating Frequency Models DC5012 310MHz
  • Dimensions: 3 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 7/8"
  • One set of 1024 codes
  • Heavy-duty 9 volt Eveready battery

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Great value from this on-line seller. by L B 7/20/2014
COMMENT: work great! just need another one. by mark c 7/1/2014
QUESTION: What size battery does this take? by Jeff W 4/7/2014
ANSWER: 9 volt by james m a
ANSWER: This is Jeff, Thanks everyone, but the one I needed was the mini remote. I found out that the proper battery is a L1028 A23 12v Battery. Thanks again for all the help. by Jeff W a
ANSWER: 9 volt battery by T O a
ANSWER: A standard 9V battery by John L a
ANSWER: The nine volt little square one. by ROBIN B a
ANSWER: 9 volt battery by Kim W a
ANSWER: I think it was just the little rectangular 9 and lasts long....I'm happy with the entire unit....MP by Maureen P a
QUESTION: Does this have 10 dip switchs I'm trying to match the Keystone S220-1KA transmitter that normally comes with Zareba gate openers. -Hugh by None N 7/16/2013
ANSWER: problems for 2 yrs now also by C R a
ANSWER: The transmitter does have 10 dip switch's that can be placed in 2 different positions by J O a
ANSWER: I have this unit and inside the battery compartment there is a switch which contains 10 adjustable switches. It is identical to the one that came with my Zareba Gate Opener and with the switches is programmable as you see fit. by W I a