ZAP Garage Door Opener 8070 Auto Lock

ZAP Garage Door Opener 8070 Auto Lock

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Product Description

Zap garage door opener 8070 Auto-Lock provides integrated security with an electronic solenoid locking system that releases a shoot bolt above a roller when door is stopped and withdraws prior to door operation.

8067 Module: Plug in

8068 Solenoid bolt assembly: Bolt on

Terminal plug:

2 Position Dual Direction slide in plug

2 Male, Female shielded terminals

Works with: All Commercial ZAP Controllers

871 Interface module (requires 872 Adapter)

871-FS (requires 872 Adapter)

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Comments / Questions

QUESTION: Will this unit work with any garage opener? by Sheldon G 3/29/2013
ANSWER: This will only work with a Zap garage door opener. It operates at 24VDC. Most door openers are 120VAC. by Jeff M a
ANSWER: I doubt if the Zap 8070 will work with any other opener. It has an interface that looks proprietary.<br /><br />PS. I have yet to install mine, as the garage door is so heavy with the torsion spring disabled by the jackshaft mounted opener, that I doubt if anyone could lift it by hand.<br /><br />If the person has a "conventional" beam type opener instead of a jackshaft mounted opener, he obviously would not need this type of lock because his opener locks by the nature of its operation. by W R a
QUESTION: Can I use this in conjunction with my residential automatic door opener?<br />Essentially, one switch controlling both the door opener and the deadbold lock. by dred s 11/8/2012