ZAP Garage Door Opener 8030 Battery Back Up

ZAP Garage Door Opener 8030 Battery Back Up

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Product Description

If you need the extra piece of mind in ensuring your door will operate even during power outages, the 8030 battery backup is the solution. The 8030 is the only commercial garage door battery backup system available in the US to date. It is designed to offer safe operation of your commercial overhead or rolling sheet steel door. The 8030 Battery backup will operate all 800 and 8800 series commercial controllers, 8800 HP Controllers, and the 8800 Turbo Drive High speed controller. It is charged using the Current Limited Constant Voltage charging system. The system is short circuit proof and reverse connection proof.

Compatiblity: All Commercial ZAP Controllers Battery System: Sealed Lead Acid Voltage Input: 16VDC Voltage output: 13.8 VDC Charging System: Current Limited Constant Voltage / Short Circuit and Reverse Connection Proof Wiring Requirements: 18 AWG Run Time Average for All model operators: 10 Cycles

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