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Garage Door Bottom 6" T Vinyl Weather Seal

Garage Door Bottom 6" T Vinyl Weather Seal
Garage Door Bottom 6" T Vinyl Weather Seal
Garage Door Bottom 6" T Vinyl Weather Seal
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Garage Door Bottom 6" T Vinyl Weather Seal
Garage Door Bottom 6" T Vinyl Weather Seal
Product Description

Weather stripping is a low-cost high reward feature that is recommended to extend the life of your garage door. North Shore Commercial Door Co. has door bottom six-inch T vinyl weather seal for garage doors manufactured by a wide array of companies including Amarr, Arm-R-Lite, CHI, Clopay, DBCI, Deldon, Gadco, Martin, Raynor, Richard Wilcox, and Safeway garage doors. This weather seal may also fit brands. The key is making sure the T portion of your old seal is the same dimension of the seal sold by North Shore which is 5/16 inch.

This six-inch garage door bottom seal, T vinyl seal.. This seal is available in black and designed with a ¼ inch "T" to fit popular T-style retainers. No sealants are needed when installing these rubber seals. They are designed to slide into the track on the bottom of the door. Folding the ends in will keep this weather sealant in place.

• Sold by the foot - provide length desired (in feet) in the box above

• 6" in width

• T Height is 1/16", T width is 5/16"

• Excellent in extreme temperatures

• Saves money by reducing energy loss year-round

• Installs quickly and easily in just minutes

• Alternative SKU: FR-600

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Garage Door Bottom 6" T Vinyl Weather Seal  Technical Drawing
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: Garage floor not level. Needed a better seal with winter coming on. This appears to be exactly what I was looking for. by John H 9/19/2017
COMMENT: Needed to be replaced !!! by Richard P 5/20/2017
QUESTION: Does this come in Gray? by Marie 2 6/16/2016
STAFF ANSWER: NO by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Is there anything that an be used as a lubricant that can be applied to the seal or the guide to make installation easier? by None N 5/22/2015
ANSWER: I had no trouble sliding the seal into place without any lubricant. But I suppose you could use whatever you want if you need it---grease, Vaseline, spray lubricant, soap, etc. Whatever works, as long as it doesn't attract animals. by David S a
ANSWER: soapy water water will help by Lou P a
ANSWER: Soap works pretty well by Rick H a
ANSWER: fill an empty spray bottle with soapy water and spray it down it should slide in very easily by Chr B a
ANSWER: Simple green or dish soap and water, or something similar works pretty well for helping slip the edging into the channel. Make sure the channel is clean too.<br />I didn't have to lubricate anything to slide in 18 feet of edging. by Niles P a
QUESTION: I am trying to close a 6" gap on my garage door. Will this product work? by Catherine F 1/6/2015
ANSWER: From my experience with the product 6" may be too much. The gap I ordered it for and successfully closed varied for edge to edge on my garage door with the center having the largest swale of about 3.5". I would suggest ordering a foot or so and trying it out. I do know after lots of searching for a products to close the gap on my garage door this website was a very good one. Let me know if you have further questions.<br /><br />Good luck<br />Steve by Steven B a
ANSWER: No, because this product folds in a U shape to be installed, it will close less than a 3" gap. I don't think you'll be able to solve a 6" gap with weather seal. That's quite large. Might want to look at other solutions. by Ryan F a
ANSWER: If it's a 6" tall gap from the floor to the door this won't be tall enough to work if you tuck both ends into the channel. I was able to close a gap a little less than 3" tucking both ends into the channel. If you only tuck one end into the channel it will hang down 6", but probably wouldn't make as good of a seal as if you tucked both ends in. by Niles P a
ANSWER: No. This seal is 6" total width and forms a U shape. It can probably seal a 2.5" gap at the most. by Robert S a
QUESTION: I have a standard 2 3/4 inch rubber "t style" bottom garage door seal. When installed. the seal compresses to 1/4 inch on one side and has a 1/4 inch gap on the other end. Will this 6 inch wide or 4 inch wide seal fix my gap and keep the bottom sealed? by None N 9/27/2014
ANSWER: I have a garage floor with a substantial hump in the middle. The gaps on the farthest outside edges of my garage door are close to 1/2". The old bottom seal I had on the door wouldn't close the gaps, so I bought the 6" seal and now there is no longer a gap anywhere along the bottom of the door. It made it a quick fix for some less than perfect concrete work. by kyle b a
ANSWER: It should do it fine and you could probably get by with a 4". by Rick H a
ANSWER: The floor on one side of my garage had a 1 1/2" gap on one side and about 1/4" on the other side. The 6" seal made up the difference on the low side. I did insert a piece of foam pipe insulation in the seal on the low side to help the seal fill the gap. It looks good and fills the gap. by Shawn M a
ANSWER: I bought this product. I put foam pipe insulation sleeves inside after installation. It works great and the seal stays plump up for a great seal. by Nancy H a
ANSWER: Measure the full width of your t-style garage door seal with a tape measure, bend the tape measure around current seal to find out the width, my garage concrete floor has a low spot in the front so I chose the 6 inch width to fill the void between the door edge and the concrete floor. If you get one two wide, one consequence would be extra material splayed out of the front and back do the door edge seal when closed. by Steven B a
ANSWER: Sounds like the 4" would solve this problem, but I'd go with the six inch just in case. The extra material compressing doesn't look bad. by Jim L a
ANSWER: Yes. I had the same dimensions and flattens out well with good seal. by RICHARD C a