Garage Door Bottom Bead End Vinyl Weather Seals

Garage Door Bottom Bead End Vinyl Weather Seals

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Sold by the foot. To place your order put how many feet you need it the quantity box and add your order to the shopping cart.
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Garage Door Bottom Bead End Vinyl Weather Seals
Garage Door Bottom Bead End Vinyl Weather Seals
Product Description

Keeping the elements on the outside and your vehicle, tools and toys inside your garage safe and warm is very important and this task can be aided by using seals on your garage door such as bottom bead end vinyl weather seals. These seals are available at North Shore Commercial Door Co. at economical prices.

These garage door bottom bead end vinyl seals offer a high-quality seal that is available in four-inch widths. The bead end measures approximately 3/16 inch to 7/32 inch in diameter. Weatherstripping on garage doors will eventually need to be replaced. One tale-tell sign that your weatherstripping is faulty is if you notice water seeping in or mice moving into your garage. These vinyl seals are easy to install and this product is sold by the foot. When you place your order at North Shore, you simply need to enter the number of feet that you require.

Sold by the foot provide length desired (in feet) in box above

4" in width

Bead end is approx. 3/16" to 7/32" in diameter

Currently Black in color (your original may be Gray)

Installs quickly and easily

We have another bead end style seal available with a smaller bead (not interchangeable. Search for FINISHLINE to find it.

For other styles of garage door bottom seal, click here.

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COMMENT: mine is broken and disfunctional, and cannot find replacement locally by JOHN O 10/8/2017
COMMENT: North Shore had product , could not find locally by Dennis S 10/7/2017
QUESTION: Is this grey or black? by Gary A 4/23/2017
ANSWER: black by Bob B a
ANSWER: Ordered about 8 months ago - item shipped was black. And very happy with the two pieces we bought. by Richard H a
ANSWER: Yes the seal we received is black. by Brian K a
ANSWER: Black by James C a
ANSWER: Mine was / is Black by Dwayne S a
ANSWER: One I got is black. by Ari A a
ANSWER: Black by Lee W a
QUESTION: I have a wayne dalton garage door 16' with a bead end , do you have in stock? by bill l 12/21/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Yes we do. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: my old seal bead is more teardrop shaped than round . is this the right product? by dale k 12/13/2016
ANSWER: My old seal was tear drop as well. The replacement worked just fine. by Howard S a
ANSWER: Yes, I believe that the answer to the question is Yes by tony g a
ANSWER: yes , this door seal works great and was easy to install. by tim b a
QUESTION: Will This Door Garage Door Seal Fit a Clopay 16' Door? by None N 10/5/2016
ANSWER: If the aluminum track on the bottom of your Clopay door has round slots on both sides for the replacement vinyl seal to slide into, I would think it would fit. If your slots are square, it may not stay in place. You must cut the new seal to the proper length after installing it to fit your door width. It comes on a roll. by Richard D a