Raynor Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

Raynor Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

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Raynor Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal
Raynor Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal
Product Description

For Raynor garage door models Classic, Decade II, ShowCase, Masterpiece, Centura and Affina, North Shore Commercial Door has the Raynor Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal. Easy to install, this weather seal can help keep the elements and pests out of your garage while keeping the heat in. Your garage is an important part of your property and while many use it just to store their vehicle, others treat the garage as a workroom or hang-out area. Ensure your garage is properly insulated with this sturdy, black Vinyl synthetic rubber seal. Other facts about this seal are:

  • It can handle temperatures as low as minus-65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The seal is tight and bolstered by contact.
  • It has a 0.3125 inch "T" so it will fit that style of retainer.
  • Its width is 3.75 inches.
  • It is available per foot.
  • It will conform to uneven floors with a one inch compression.
In business for over 35 years, North Shore Commercial Door brings you all the products you need to maintain or improve your garage. Our staff is courteous and knowledgeable. We're here to answer all of your questions via phone or online. Check out our Raynor Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal today.

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COMMENT: because the other i called was not open today by Larry R 10/6/2017
COMMENT: It looks like the exact replacement for the original seal except for color; it is now black instead of grey. by Robert J 9/29/2017
QUESTION: What is the best way to remove the old seal ? by tom h 8/6/2016
ANSWER: I tore of as much as I could as it was pretty brittle. The remaining amount slides out of the bottom of the door. You can use some old hand cream, lotion or anything that makes the track slippery. It will be easier to pull out and put the new one in. by Paul D a
ANSWER: Pull out one end enough to cut off 1 inch then pull out from the other side. by Douglas K a
ANSWER: Just slide it off from either end by mon w a
ANSWER: Y old seal was partially torn, I sprayed some WD40 where the track was exposed and pulled out the old seal. It was quite easy by philip c a
QUESTION: My garage floor in unlevel by 1 inch, will this work to eliminate the gap between the door and the floor? by Al S 5/30/2016
ANSWER: Yes, it mashes down and will take up the slop. by Tim P a
ANSWER: Unlikely but if it is straight but not level the door rollers should have enough slack to make a seal. If it is bowed by 1", you might consider bonding a concrete product to make it right. by Stanley H a
ANSWER: In certain instances, your 1 inch gap can be eliminated. If the gap is at either end of the door, just add a filler material between the seal and the door bottom. The filler material I use is foam heating pipe insulation. Just cut it to fit in the unleveled area. You may have to experiment a bit, however the seal works very well on uneven floors. by Ronald P a
ANSWER: yes. it will work. by mon w a
QUESTION: I need a bottom weather seal for a Raynor Decade door 16ft I believe the T is 1/2" ? by Jim F 4/23/2016
STAFF ANSWER: this is a 5/16 T by Taylor M a
QUESTION: will this work on a GADCO door? by None N 4/20/2016
ANSWER: I put my seal on a Raynor door and it was an easy installation. Not sure about your door. Suggestion if you want to try it would be to buy a short piece and see if it works. by Michael D a