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18" Garage Door Operator Reinforcement Bracket

18" Garage Door Operator Reinforcement Bracket
18" Garage Door Operator Reinforcement Bracket
18" Garage Door Operator Reinforcement Bracket
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Item# HB400-00-H
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18" Garage Door Operator Reinforcement Bracket
18" Garage Door Operator Reinforcement Bracket
Product Description
18" Garage Door Operator Reinforcement Bracket

Eliminates garage door opener arm hook-up bracket. Top strut application. Top quality galvanized steel. Designed for reinforced mounting of electric operators. Will span the top section of insulated sandwich type doors. 18" section widths. Top bracket is formed to allow for across the top strut application. Complete kit.
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COMMENT: Best quality by Mark C 8/23/2017
COMMENT: For fixing a new garage door opener by Regi K 5/6/2017
QUESTION: My garage door panels are 19 inch, it is an Overhead Door product. The small bracket has pulled out of the screw holes. Which bracket is the right one? by Russell B 10/18/2015
ANSWER: This worked for me and I had a similar problem. Lots of holes for different applications. I recommend it. by William T a
ANSWER: My panels are 18" and this product worked great. So it should work fine on your 19" panels. I have not had any issues since replacing the original small bracket which would not stay screwed into the door with this item in December of last year. I wish I would have replaced the small bracket with this item when the small bracket first started pulling out of the door a few years ago. by Thomas D a
ANSWER: The panel on my garage door is a little over 19". I pushed the bracket up and the top screw in my panel hinge has a place in the lower part of the bracket. It works. by Joseph L a
ANSWER: My panel is only 18 inches but the top hole is slotted so it should still be able to go through the top support and that slot. The bottom hole at the top goes into the panel so it shouldn't matter. Make sure that the arm length from the track isn't so long that it try's to pull the door back instead of up. by Raymond K a
QUESTION: is this the peice that mounts to the door for a craftsman garage door opener ? by arthur f 8/14/2014
ANSWER: I don't know, it's a universal opener bracket, and it works fine for my Chamberlain GD Opener. Actually, since Chamberlain Industries makes the Craftsman line of Liftmaster Garage Door Openers, I think it should fit. by Reverend B a
ANSWER: yes and many other brands also by Joseph I a
ANSWER: This piece actually mounts to the garage door, not the opener. It is very easy to mount to the garage door, using existing bolt in the door. Once mounted, the garage door opener arm will attach to this piece. If the opener you have uses a bolt or clevis pin to attach to the door, this piece should work just fine for you. This is a heavy duty reinforcement and I have been very pleased with my purchase. Hope this helps! by Miles L a
ANSWER: We used it on a Chamberlin door opener. But I do believe it is universal. by C K a
ANSWER: Yes we bolt this bracket to a standard garage door and used a craftsman opener by Kirk K a
ANSWER: Yes. This bracket is a lot stronger than the small bracket supplied with the opener by Raymond K a
ANSWER: I'm sure it will work because it is universal. I used it to mount a Chamberlin Garage door opener by James T a
QUESTION: is this compatible to Craftman 1/2 hsp or wayne-Dalton PT#248972? by sam C 2/28/2014
ANSWER: I don't know if it is compatible to Craftsman 1/2 hsp because I purchased my Reinforcement Bracket from North Shore when I replaced my burned out Craftsman 1/2 hp with a Chamberlain 3/4 hp opener because my door is a double wide door 18' which is why my 10 year old Craftsman burned out. I can tell you that ALL the holes and lift bracket matched the door mounting holes 100%. The only reason I had to replace the Craftsman Bracket is that it was pulling out of the door due to stress of lifting the large door and the one from North Shore allowed me to attached at the top and bottom of the door panel where the Craftsman had ALL the stress of lifting on four screw holes in the centre of the door. by Reverend B a
ANSWER: Bracket should match door not motor. by Chuck K a
ANSWER: I use it with my Carftsman 1/2 HP garage opener without any problem. by Simon B a
QUESTION: my panel is 21 inches but hinges stick out 2. should I use 18 or 21 bracket to avoid hinge? by None N 1/12/2014
ANSWER: Either one will fit the 21"or 18" bracket as long as they are placed under the 'U' bars or on top of the hinge. once the hinge screw is removed and screws holes are aligned place back the screw, please check screw length!.. My garage door also has 4 panel of 21" each with 2 'U' bars per panel the entire door 16'x7' weigh over 400 Lb. What can I tell You after all this's FL, P.s. You may or may not! have to do a little drilling get a good metal drill bit.. good luck! it's a great product!!! by D L a
ANSWER: 18 is the size you need. by Yin L a
STAFF ANSWER: YOu should be able to mount this under the hinge. Remove screw holding the hinge in place, put the bracket on, line the hole for that part of the hinge with the screw hold on the Reinforcement bracket by Matthew O a