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2" 10 Ball 4" Standard Garage Door Roller

2" 10 Ball 4" Standard Garage Door Roller
2" 10 Ball 4" Standard Garage Door Roller
2" 10 Ball 4" Standard Garage Door Roller
2" 10 Ball 4" Standard Garage Door Roller
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Item# RL241-00-H
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2" 10 Ball 4" Standard Garage Door Roller
2" 10 Ball 4" Standard Garage Door Roller
Product Description
2" 10 Ball Standard Garage Door Roller

4" stem Rating: 75 lbs. per roller at 15,000 12' door cycles. 1-13/16" diameter roller

  • LENGTH: 4-3/4 INCHES
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COMMENT: replacement for a missing roller by Brant V 10/3/2017
COMMENT: I just needed a replacement roller for my garage door. by Jolene P 9/13/2017
QUESTION: What is the actual shaft diameter? by Ron S 9/5/2014
ANSWER: Ron,<br />The shaft dia. is approx.= .437 or 7/16" by Wynn J a
ANSWER: 7/16" seven sixteenths by Gary D a
QUESTION: Are these better than Nylon Rollers? by Benny D 10/17/2013
ANSWER: They are less expensive, but make more noise than the Nylon Rollers. Other than that, they both work eqaually well. by Steve T a
ANSWER: I'm not really sure and don't know what advantage nylon rollers would have other than maybe being quieter. These rollers are very sturdy, equal or better than originals, and priced right. They installed easily and work great. by Gary D a
ANSWER: I have alum clad on both sides of my door and it is a large door I have not had any problems since I replaced many of my rollers with these. My wife uses this door so it may be overkill but I want the door to always work. Hope this helps. by S M a
STAFF ANSWER: Actually Nylon rollers are considered "Better" They are just as durable as the steel roller in every way. The Nylon rollers are very quiet though which is the main benefit. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: i have a 9 ft garage door can i install roller that are made for a longer door that the roller are 13 bearing or are non-bearing better than bearing? by Ignacio M 8/19/2013
ANSWER: I think bearing rollers are better. by D M a
QUESTION: I have a Clopay Garage door that needs new rollers. The roller Diameter is<br />1.75 inches and the length is 4 3/8 inches. The roler shaft diameter is 7/16.<br />Please verify that the 2" 10 ball 4" standard is the correct roller? I will need QtY. 10 by Jim F 3/17/2013
ANSWER: Jim I just checked my door and the sizes you talk about match my roller. This is what I ordered and it worked great. Hope this helps by S M a
ANSWER: Yes the 2" 10 ball 4" roller is the correct roller. The numbers have just been rounded up and down to the nearest whole number. by D E a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes, that is the standard size of a '2 inch wheel / 4 inch stem roller. by Matthew O a