Liftmaster 10A19 3V2016 Lithium Battery for 373P Remote

Liftmaster 10A19 3V2016 Lithium Battery for 373P Remote
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Liftmaster 10A19 3V2016 Lithium Battery for 373P Remote
Liftmaster 10A19 3V2016 Lithium Battery for 373P Remote
Product Description
This replacement battery kit is for the Liftmaster 373P remote. The Liftmaster 10A19 kit comes with the following batteries:

2ea CR2016 for the LED and transmitter buttons

1ea CR2450 for the proximity sensor

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COMMENT: Needed for garage door opener whose batteries are dead by Frank P 10/3/2017
COMMENT: Garage by erin d 6/18/2017
QUESTION: how do you replace battery? by S M 2/7/2016
ANSWER: remove two screws on the back of the remote and will find the old battery inside by kevin p a
ANSWER: Remove the visor clip and unscrew the two screws with a phillips screw driver. If you don't see any screws, pry off the top using a flat head screw driver. Replacing the batteries is simple. Just pop off the old ones and insert the new ones. When inserting the coin cell batteries, always insert them positive side up. There is a plus sign on one side of the battery to indicate its positive side. The fresh batteries should keep the opener working for at least three years. by Marty S a
QUESTION: do you need all three? by Su W 8/17/2015
ANSWER: Yes by Marty S a
ANSWER: My garage door opener will not work if I don't replace all three. by Catherine B a
ANSWER: Yes. All 3 are needed. by Barbara K a
QUESTION: dose this include all 3 batteries for the remote ? by james p 7/8/2015
ANSWER: The package I bought has all 3 batteries for my garage remote by Catherine B a
QUESTION: IS THE {2}CR 3V2016 AND {1}3V2450 A SET FOR ONE LIFTMASTER<br />OPENER? by None N 4/25/2013
ANSWER: yes , that's what I bought and it is the right combo.... by M A a
ANSWER: yes these are it by H A a
ANSWER: These work for the 371remote but don't know about the 373. by A V a
STAFF ANSWER: It is for the premium model 373p remote that has three light up buttons. the two 3v2016 batteries stack on top of each other in a slot and the 3v2450 is used to power the motion sensing proximity chip that lights up the buttons. by Matthew O a
REPLY: Can you use a 2032 instead of 2016? Does the 2016/2032 impact the lighting of the proximity sensor? by Joe P r
STAFF REPLY: YOu need to have 2 ea. 2016 and one 1 ea 2450 for the Liftmaster model 373P to work properly. by Matthew O r