377LG Raynor Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Entry

377LG Raynor Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Entry

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The 377LG has been discontinued. The 877Max will be sent instead. It is the direct replacement
This item is discontinued.
Please view this replacement item:
Liftmaster 877MAX Wireless Keyless Entry Garage Door Opener
This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:
Product Description
Raynor 377LG Security+ Wireless Entry Garage Door Opener Keypad - 315MHz

Compatible with Raynor Security+ Garage Door Openers and Radio Control Receivers only

One-button-to-close feature

Easier installation through improved screw keyhole design

Temporary password option

Program code directly from keypad

Backlit keypad

Includes 9V battery

Compatible Models:

KeyChain - Raynor 370RGD

1 Button - Raynor 371RGD

2 Button - Raynor 372RGD

3 Button Raynor 373RGD

Finger Print Keypad Raynor 379RGD
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COMMENT: I chose the wireless garage door opener because my boys tend to "forget" their house key frequently. I chose Raynor because that is the type of garage door I have. by Susan B 1/7/2017
COMMENT: I have had the Raynor garage door products since 2003. It has been an excellent product. I would purchase another Raynor garage door product in the future. by Paul L 5/13/2016
QUESTION: is this keypad compatible with raynor opener model 3280rgd? by None N 7/12/2016
ANSWER: I believe it should be compatible. I do not have the model number of my Raynor unit but the original keypad and the replacement appear, on the outside, to be identical. The replacement keypad works just fine. by John A a
QUESTION: what keyless would I use for a Raynor 1.3v 170-7? Remote part # DNT00052a? by Linda b 6/28/2016
STAFF ANSWER: <a href="http://www.northshorecommercialdoor.com/limogadoopme.html" target="_blank">http://www.northshorecommercialdoor.com/limogadoopme.html</a> This keypad would work ! by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Will this keypad work with a Raynor 1/3 HP Delta 3. model # 120-7? by Ron B 5/18/2016
ANSWER: I have a Raynor Prodigy ll. Works fine with it but programming was a little dicey. After the programming process, it has been great. by Brad N a
ANSWER: We have a different model so I can't guarantee it will.<br />I would reach out the company direct for a definitive answer.<br />Sorry I couldn't be more help. by lyle y a
ANSWER: Yes it works well by LINDA T a
QUESTION: My 877MGX does not work according to directions that came with it. The online instructions seem different and I'll try those - but can I get help if that doesn't work? Where? Do I have to reset ALL memorized devices? Thanks. by Peter W 12/16/2015
STAFF ANSWER: You should not have to reset all the devices. by Taylor M a
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