AAS 16-5500 PhoneLink 500 Telephone Entry System By Security Brands Inc.

AAS 16-5500 PhoneLink 500 Telephone Entry System By Security Brands Inc.
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AAS 16-5500 PhoneLink 500 Telephone Entry System By Security Brands Inc.
AAS 16-5500 PhoneLink 500 Telephone Entry System By Security Brands Inc.
Product Description
The 16-5500 PhoneLink 500 access control telephone entry system by Security Brands Inc. will allow you to screen visitors from the security of a telephone inside the building. When a guest presses the call button outside, a double ring inside will let you know someone is at the gate. To allow access, simply press ** for a momentary relay operation or *# to latch open the gate. The gate can be signaled to open without a guest being present at the gate. This Security Brands 16-5500 can be post- or surface-mounted. This low power-use system has a 3,000-foot range.

You can use the Security Brands phone gate access control system's one-shot code to give out a code for one-time use only. An optional pinhole camera is available for added security. For guests with pre-authorized entry, a programmable 500 code keypad is included with your 16-5500 PhoneLink from North Shore Commercial Door. This is a "no phone line" entry control station, which won't add extra costs to your phone bill. Call-waiting and call-forwarding features are included.

  • Security Brands Inc., formerly American Access Systems (AAS)
  • Programmable one-time code
  • 500 access code capacity
  • 8-ohm speaker, call button
  • 3,000-foot range
  • Adjust volume
  • Personal master, latch, sleep codes
  • 2 relays
  • Nightlight
  • Dimensions: 7 3/8" x 7 3/8" x 5"
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COMMENT: Tree company knocked down existing box and pole by Raymond L 7/24/2017
COMMENT: I owned an earlier version model # 16-2050 until a truck recently destroyed the unit. I have enjoyed over 10 years of unsurpassed service and support from the American Access System team! Despite very harsh winters, lightning strikes and frequent power outages, the PhoneLink 500 kept performing admirably!!! I would highly recommend this product! by Jeffrey R 11/12/2015
QUESTION: is this wireless phone entry or wired phone connection? by Raghavendra P 5/11/2016
ANSWER: The AAS 16-5500 is the "hard wired" model. The AAS 16-1050 is wireless. by Jeffrey R a
QUESTION: I need to connect 4 units on the same dial phone line. two will be for entry high/low ped and the same for exit? They will be connected to a Barrier Arm. by Ron h 3/25/2016
ANSWER: I'm not sure if multiple units can be connected or if you can "loop" the phone lines; however, if you call American Access Systems and ask to speak to the AAS Tech, Tony, he will know for certain. Good luck - I sure like my unit! by Jeffrey R a
QUESTION: is this system wireless? by None N 10/7/2015
ANSWER: This unit is NOT wireless; however, AAS DOES offer a similar version that is wireless. by Jeffrey R a
ANSWER: no, it's not. by Philip Y a
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