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Action Industries Bulk Strip Door Material (by roll)

Barrier for heat, cold and particulate for fast-access in high-traffic entryways--sold in 100 ft rolls

Action Industries Bulk Strip Door Material (by roll)
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Item# WB060-06-Z
Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Ordering instructions: All stripping comes in 100-foot-length rolls. Purchaser cuts as needed. Select from drop-down width and thickness (to determine which type you need, see product description).

Action Industries Bulk Strip Door Material (by roll)
Action Industries Bulk Strip Door Material (by roll)
Product Description
North Shore Commercial Door now selling Action Industries' Vinyl-Stripping Doors by Verilon in industrial/commercial quantities. Hung as a door or to augment an existing entryway. Prevents or minimizes the transmission of heat, cold, moisture, particulate, cooking effluvia, workshop fumes and much more. Allows for passage of people, vehicles, good or other movement when there isn't time to open and close an entry door constantly throughout the door.

Features and Benefits
  • Concave-Convex overlapping design maximizes resistance to air and particulate
  • Resistant to most consumer-available inorganic acids, bases and salts
  • USDA-approved for use in food settings
  • Numerous applications: restaurants and food handling, automative and carwashes, materials handling and logistics, storage areas and more
  • See options when adding to shopping cart and select for your specific needs
  • Which type do I need?
  • 6" x 0.06" light traffic, interior
  • 8" x 0.80" moderate traffic, interior
  • 12" x 0.12" basic protection, higher entryways, interior/exterior
  • 16" x 0.16" high-entryways, high-traffic, exterior-rated
  • **Sold in 100 ft rolls**

  • Specifications
  • Secular transmittance (%) 83.8 (ASTM D1746)
  • Tear Resistance (lbs/in) 335 (ASTM 638)
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