ADA Automatic Door Push Plate Kits

Install an ADA door opener kit to give elderly or handicapped persons easy access to your establishment. Transmitter Solutions offers a complete line of stainless steel ADA push plates for automatic doors that will provide easy, reliable activation and will help you meet ADA and ANSI standards. Plates are available with 300/310 and 433 MHz radio-controlled transmitters and receivers.

Installing ADA push plate door openers will create a more friendly and accessible atmosphere for your business. In addition to helping meet ADA and ANSI standards, the addition of stainless handicap door push plates to your doors will help draw in less mobile customers that may not otherwise enter your business. You will benefit from greater patronage by less mobile customers and your reputation in the community as a caring business owner will also grow.

North Shore Commercial Door offers a variety of kits to choose from both with and without buttons. Kits that contain ADA door push plate buttons are imprinted with the appropriate signage and feature the universal symbol for handicapped use. The buttons are large in size and are easy to spot.

Shop online for all of your automatic door push plate and opener needs. Our selection of ADA approved devices will give your business the tools it needs to be compliant and compassionate. Order online through our secure website or get in touch by emailing or calling 1-800-783-6112.