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Allstar 190-108994 Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Photo Eyes Kit

Allstar 190-108994 Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Photo Eyes Kit
Allstar 190-108994 Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Photo Eyes Kit
Allstar 190-108994 Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Photo Eyes Kit
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Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener Photo Eyes 301674
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Product Description
With the Allstar 108994 All-Clear safety beam photo eyes kit from North Shore Commercial Door, you can protect you and your family from accidents with your garage door. Just install this with your garage door opener for added safety at home. Find out more about this product in our Questions app below. Our staff and customers will offer fast answers to your queries.

  • Compatible with Allstar/Allister/Pulsar/Challenger garage door openers EXCEPT Allstar MVP models (see part number 109775 Safe Finish Photo Eye Kit for these models)
  • Note: Owners of older units should check to see if each of their sensors have two wires. Those with four wires in one and two in the other need to update the circuit board to accommodate the newer style sensor from Allstar (see part number 110930 for these models)
  • Part number: 190-108994
  • Compatible with models 3000, 3500, 3500-P, and J3500
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COMMENT: Unit light on one unit not working. Need to replace it so my safety unit works.<br />Have an All Star 3500 unit in my garage. by Peggy G 7/22/2017
COMMENT: Replacement for old remore. by Char A 9/28/2015
QUESTION: Hi! Why will I have to replace my circuit board with the updated version when using these new sensors? My old sensors do have the 4 wires and the 2 wires. If I don't will they sometimes work and sometimes not? by Dorothy S 1/5/2015
QUESTION: I have allister access controls all-clear photostem cat. no. 9000027 do care part? by None N 11/9/2013
QUESTION: How can I be sure that this is the part that I really need? by None N 10/27/2013
ANSWER: Worked as a replacement to my 1997 allstar. Wiring was different but got it to work first try. by David S a
REPLY: How did you rewire to get it to work without updating the circuit board? by Joel S r
REPLY: i just removed the old ones and splice the wires to the new ones. No update to circuit board required. by David S r
QUESTION: I have an Challenger 9300 series door opener with 4 wires on one sensor and two on the other. Which sensor will work with my unit ? #108994 or #109775 and will I need an upgraded circut board? by Anthony C 11/11/2012
ANSWER: since i have not recieved the product after ten days i cant answer this question, but shiping seems to be a little slow. by Dwayne M a
ANSWER: Anthony;<br />I have an older Allister Access 3000 series Garage door opener with a 2-wire and 4-wire sensor same as you. Allstar explained on their web site that you need to use the #108994 and install an upgraded circuit board when you have the older 2-wire and 4-wire sensors. The new sensors fit right in place of the old ones and the circuit board fit right in place of the old one as well. At first the door wood open and not close. Not sure what the problem was, I looked over the circuit board installation instructions again and found I had failed to remove R7. So I cut off the R7 resistor and the door has worked just fine ever since. I was very pleased that everything fit and worked just great and the price was less then my garage door provider.<br />Hope this answers your question and you get your problem resolved. Happy Holidays!<br />John by John K a