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Allstar 110930 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

Allstar 110930 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Allstar 110930 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Allstar 110930 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
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This item is discontinued.
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Sommer Direct Drive 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener Model 1042V001
This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:
Product Description
It's time to upgrade your older Allister or Allstar unit with this Allstar garage door opener 110930 circuit board from North Shore Commercial Door. Find out more about how this product can benefit you by using our "Ask a Question" button above and then scrolling down to the Questions section to see fast, helpful answers from our staff and customers.

  • Compatible with these garage door opener models: Allister/Allstar ARD II A, Sprint, 310/510/710,200/250, 2000 Series, 3000 Series, 6000 Series and 325B (Type III)
  • Replaces older part number 108744
  • Also replaces part number 102624 for the Allister 3000 with the 110930 circuit board
  • Easy to install with clear instructions
  • Part number: 110930
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: I want my door repaired not replaced by Robert f 1/7/2017
QUESTION: Door opener goes up only 6 inches and stops. If I hold wall button constantly the opener will go up fully what would b the cause ? by Doug L 8/8/2016
STAFF ANSWER: This sounds like a circuit board issue to me ! by Taylor M a
QUESTION: I had a 102624 circuit board for allister garage door opener. I looked up the replacement part which was the 110930. I purchased from you and installed. Door works fine. BUT, I am unable to use my allister safety beam. There is no port or recepticle for the wiring yoke that serves the safety beam on this "replacement board". So it really didnt fully replace my previous board....what is my solution? Is there an add on ? by Bruce J 3/1/2016
ANSWER: It may be in the wiring on the electronic eye. I had to try different wiring connections on the eye til it worked by Bruce T a
QUESTION: will the 110930 replace the 108237? by None N 12/15/2015
ANSWER: Yes it will .works just fine. by Ronnie M a
ANSWER: Yes by Bruce T a
QUESTION: my allister circuit board quit working after a lightning strike. I swapped boards from my second garage door and the door worked ok. Will this circuit board be compatible with an allister type 2 garage door system and be programmable with my dual control remote? by None N 7/25/2015
ANSWER: Had the same problem. Swapped boards as you did. Old board worked in second unit. New board works perfectly in both units. by M. D a
ANSWER: Yes. Just may or may not have to rove R-7 depending on photo eyes in use. by Russ J a
ANSWER: If I'm correct all should work O.K. .......but..... when you buy any hand remotes you need to program your remote to each board, other wise all remotes would work on any board, not sure but I think the remote on the back that the cover comes off for this matter of work on the board to program. It is like how our car remotes work, both cards will open the garage door.....I also bought extra remotes and they all work o.k. off the old and new board. But now thinking, remember that the board and the small part that is attached to the outside of the unit has a small black part with wire hanging down is for the single to open the door when the remote button is pushed and for the same if it is reading from your build in remote in your car....other wise all should work how you want, so just try to program all together.<br />Hope you understand all what I tried to explain...and also will work but other wise I replaced my board and all works 100% and was a simple job without paying a repairs to a repair door company and also with said ALL MY CAR REMOTES AND DOOR OPENERS AND DOOR BUTTON WORKED WITH NEW BOARD WITHOUT CHANGING ANYTHING BECAUSE THE READING COMES OFF OF THE REMOTE PART ATTACHED TO THE OUT SIDE OF THE OPENER WITCH ALL GOES BACK TO THE PANEL FOR OPERATION, ONE HAS TO WORK WITH THE OTHER.<br />Lewis G. Milliron / feel free to reply...... <br />l by lewis m a
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