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Allstar 190-109391 9931MT Garage Door Opener Mini Transmitter

Allstar 190-109391 9931MT Garage Door Opener Mini Transmitter
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This item is discontinued.
Please view this replacement item:
North Shore Commercial Door NSCD-318PK1 Allstar Compatible Mini Remote
This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:
Product Description
The Allstar 9931MT garage door opener is the perfect accessory you need to make each and every day a bit easier. Get in and out of your garage with the push of a button with this mini key-chain size transmitter. Perfect for keeping in a purse, this mini Allstar garage door opener remote can also be attached to a set of keys. You can also use the Allstar 9931MT garage door opener to replace your current Pulsar or Allister brand garage door transmitters.

Compatible Allstar accessories for this product include: One-Button Remote (9931T), Keyless Entry (9931-WKE) and Receiver (190-110548). For any questions about specifications, setup or use, please utilize our "Questions" app.

  • Mini key-chain size is convenient and easy to carry with you
  • Battery and key ring are included
  • Can replace Pulsar or Allister brand transmitters
  • Several accessories available
  • Alternative SKU: 9931MT
  • DIMENSIONS: Width: 1 5/16" (just over 1 1/4") x Height: 2 1/4" x Depth: 1/2"
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: Works great and is easier to store in the console or glove box due to it's smaller size. haven't had any issues with range or function. by Sean K 10/24/2015
COMMENT: Several staff liked the recommendations for this much smaller model which does the same thing as the larger one. by Terry T 4/24/2014
QUESTION: can it be used instead of 9921T?? by None N 6/16/2014
ANSWER: No this does not work in place of the 9921T For example we bought the Model BA9931T full size and the BA9931MT mini and both do a great job. The mini has just a little bit less range, but that has not been a problem for us.Most importantly make sure you get the same frequency in both sizes for what you need. IE 288 MZH or 318 MHZ ... Also, this does not work if you had model 9921.... The 9921 models have TWO position swithes and the 9931 models have THREE position dip switches. by Terry T a
QUESTION: I had bought one of these mini trans. from you about 4-5 years ago that had the same order this one 9931mt would this still be the same trans. that I could use with my opener ? the old item no. was 134600262.<br />Thanks!<br />Ron by RON B 11/12/2013
ANSWER: Thank you! by RON B a
STAFF ANSWER: YEs this is the same thing. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Can the frequency be reset from 288 to 318? by Leona G 9/22/2013
STAFF ANSWER: The receiver unit mounted to the machine would need to be changed as well to match this remote. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: will this work for an older Allister type2 garage door opener?<br />thanks by None N 4/15/2013
ANSWER: We use it on a 20 year old Allister door opener. Not sure what the type 2 designation means . Operator will activate door from about 15 yards away. by M A a
ANSWER: As long as your old opener has 9 dip switches it will work. The mini is fantastic. by T D a
STAFF ANSWER: The back of a remote that you are currently using should be something with '9931' in the combination and '318 / 318Mhz, for this remote to work.. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: We have an Allister Type II. Don't know how old it is, but we matched the codes and it works perfectly. I would buy it again. by A B a
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