Allstar/Allister/Pulsar 190-108787 9931T Gate or Garage Door Opener Remote 9931T-318

9triptychDIP-switch security garage entryway transmitter with board compatibility (see below); plus recessed button and plastic ridge for "fumble-free" operation

Allstar/Allister/Pulsar 190-108787 9931T Gate or Garage Door Opener Remote 9931T-318

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Item# 9931T
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Allstar/Allister/Pulsar 190-108787 9931T Gate or Garage Door Opener Remote 9931T-318
Allstar/Allister/Pulsar 190-108787 9931T Gate or Garage Door Opener Remote 9931T-318
Product Description
Need to update your garage door opener? If you currently use Allstar, Pulsar or Allister brand units model 9931-318, you can replace it with this handy Allister garage door opener from North Shore Commercial Door. Made with a simple one-button setup, this Allister garage door remote makes it easy to get into your garage at home or at work. When setting up your Allister remote, remember that this model can be used with several compatible Allstar accessories, including the Mini One-Button Remote (9931MT), Keyless Entry (9931-WKE) and Receiver (190-110548).

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  • 1-button operation
  • Single-channel use
  • Nine 3-position dip switch format
  • Several compatible accessories available
  • 318 MHz frequency
  • Use with a gate or garage door

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COMMENT: It matches what I currently have. by david l 9/15/2017
COMMENT: I needed a replacement by Ronald T 8/24/2017
QUESTION: The receiver for the remote has 10 pins...will the 9 pin remote work? The one I have was working fine and it is a nine pin. But where do I set the 10 slot? Remote is ADX9931 by Tom R 4/16/2016
ANSWER: I sent a photo of my the unit and the labels on it to Northstar. My remote controls were stolen by the movers so I had no idea what kind of remote would work with my unit which was 10-15 + years old. They sent me a remote and that worked with my unit. All I did was change the combination so the stolen remotes would not work with this unit again. Remote cost was less than $15. Thanks to Northstar. by Jyotsna M a
QUESTION: I have a Allister model # ADX931 and need to replace. What do I use?? by Mike F 2/9/2016
ANSWER: I don't know. I let the companyknow what garage door opener I had and they sent me correct remote for it.<br />Thanks by Jyotsna M a
ANSWER: That is the same model # that was on my old opener. Get the one button 9931-318. Then set the inside code to your garage unit. Just get a step stool and open the unit. Inside is the code. My garage door opener was 37 yrs old and I never thought I would find a replacement.. Garage door companies were trying to charge hundreds of dollars to fix my problem. This one is $12!!!!! by Christine S a
QUESTION: I am looking for a replacement remote for my Allister Type IIA door control system opener. Will this remote work or is there another unit that will ?<br /><br />Regards,<br /><br />Larry by Larry D 8/12/2015
ANSWER: As long as it it a 9931T or 9931T-318 it will work by James B a
ANSWER: Sorry but i checked the back of my original opener from the 70's and was barely able to discern the print. It said model no ADX931 and the name Allister. there was no "type" on the back or on the main unit. when i went to the site there was a listing of which opener was compatible with my model#. I was lucky to find it by Christine S a
ANSWER: It worked beautifully for my garage door plus the price was very reasonable. They answered my questions immediately and also shipped it right away.<br />- Jyotsna by Jyotsna M a
ANSWER: I have experienced very good customer service with this unit works very well on our electric gate. by Sam R a
ANSWER: HAVE NO IDEA by Clarence B a
ANSWER: My openers are Allstar 6000 motors and this 318 MHz remote works fine. It is advertised as a replacement for Allister remotes. Should work if your unit is a 318 MHz unit. by Marvin C a
ANSWER: A number of Allstar replacement remotes will work for you. The important things to match are: the frequency which will be either 288 or 318that number is usually printed somewhere on the back of the remote you have now and the number of dip switches inside the coverjust count them above the battery. Those are the little switches which are usually set either up or down. The last item of importance is the number of buttons on the remote you are replacing. Some remotes have one button, others have two and a few have three. by Terry T a
ANSWER: Yes. It works perfectly. by Agnes N a
QUESTION: Need to replace a ADX931 allistar remote. Is this the correct replacement model? by None N 5/29/2015
ANSWER: Absolutely, and mine works great.... by derrick f a
ANSWER: It worked with my garage beautifully.<br />Thanks by Jyotsna M a
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