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Allstar Model AC9300 AC9500 ACJ9500 Opener Parts

Allstar Model AC9300 AC9500 ACJ9500 Opener Parts
Find replacement parts fast for your Allstar AC9300, AC9500 or ACJ9500 garage door opener with our interactive parts diagrams at North Shore Commercial Door. With what we call an "exploded parts view" diagram, you can hover over a picture of a part to learn the part number. Then, click on the part number on a list to go to the cost, description and installation information. The information you see when clicking on the part number will confirm compatibility for your residential AC9300, AC9500 or ACJ9500 garage door operator.

Use our illustrated parts guides to find replacement logic boards for your worn out or damaged circuit board. It's easy to install, and you can also call on our free tech help while you're at work on your DIY repair. If your garage door operator's capacitor starts buzzing, replace that defective part with a replacement capacitor that is compatible with your AC9300, ACJ9500 or AC9500. Just install the new capacitor to the side of the housing on your operator and connect it to two terminal wires on the housing. Then, you'll be back in business with a capacitor that will relay energy to the motor to raise or lower your garage door. Find all the parts you need using this diagram.

  1. Place your mouse over the number or letter representing the product you need. Product information should pop up.
  2. Click BUY NOW and you will be redirected to the product you need and can add item to cart.
  1. Use the table to find the item you need.
  2. Click the red text and it will take you to the product page.
Key Part # Description
1 109874 Allstar 109874 Frame - DISCONTINUED
2 260587 Allstar 260587 Motor, 1/3 HP, AOS F42C55A29 - DISCONTINUED
260584 Allstar 260584 Motor, 1/2 HP, AOS F42C56A29 - DISCONTINUED
3 109938 Allstar 109938 Garage Door Opener Motor Control Board
4 005320 Allstar 005320 Power Supply Cord
5 260572 Allstar 260572 Capcitor, 43-52 MFD, 250V
260570 Allstar 260570 Capcitor, 53-64 MFD, 250V
6 109948 Allstar 109948 Wire Harness, Low Voltage - DISCONTINUED
109947 Allstar 109947 Wireharness, High Voltage - DISCONTINUED
7 109845 Allstar 109845 Lamp Socket - DISCONTINUED
8 220981 Allstar 220981 Light Diffuser
10 157149 Allstar 157149 MCB Spacer
11 229863 Allstar 229863 Garage Door Opener Limit Switch
12 221012 Allstar 221012 Nylon Washer - DISCONTINUED
13 220992 Allstar 220992 Limit Lever - DISCONTINUED
14 109843 Allstar 109843 Shoulder Screw - DISCONTINUED
15 157501 Allstar 157501 12-24 Nylon Insert Nut - DISCONTINUED
16 109932 Allstar 109932 Diffuser Clips - DISCONTINUED
17 249257 Allstar 249257 Capacitor Clamp - DISCONTINUED
22 102618 Allstar 102618 Allstar Sensor Wall Mounting Bracket - DISCONTINUED
23 102641 Allstar 102641 Sensor Mounting Bracket - DISCONTINUED
24 109775 Allstar 109775 Safe Finish Safety Beam Kit
25 109775 Only sold as a complete unit with #24