Allstar Receivers

It's just as important to receive as it is to give when it comes to Allstar Garage Door Receivers, available at North Shore Commercial Door. Allstar is a trusted brand known for its reliable and high-performance receivers. Our wide range of Allstar receiver models ensures compatibility with various garage door opener systems, allowing for easy replacement and enhanced functionality. 

The Allstar Garage Door Opener Receiver Model 110549 is a 318 MHz-frequency, three-pronged, four-wire receiver that is capable of operating two devices or garage door openers at once. Allstar Garage Door Opener Receiver Model 8833R-288 is a 288 MHz-frequency three-wire receiver capable of operating three devices. Upgrade your garage door system with Allstar receivers from North Shore Commercial Door today to experience convenience like never before. We also carry the Allstar 110554 MVP 3-channel open-close-stop garage door or gate receiver. This one-door Allstar commercial garage door operator receiver is compatible with most open/close/stop commercial garage door operator or gate operator transmitters and MVP quick code transmitters. 

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