Allstar Remotes

The North Shore Commercial Door Allstar Gate & Garage Door Opener Online Store carries a full line of Allstar gate and garage door openers, parts and accessories. Allister, Pulsar, MVP and Challenger are all the same manufacturer. It's important, though, to make sure to look at the number of positions per dip switch. There are two formats: "on/off", called binary, and "+, 0, -" called trinary. Also, check the frequency, which you will be able to find on the back of the remote. The frequencies will be either 318 MHZ or 288 MHZ.

The Model 639T 3-Button, 9-Door, Open-Close-Stop, Stationary Transmitter is designed for commercial automatic door and gate-operator applications. This transmitter can operate multiple receivers connected to multiple operators. The transmitter has three buttons, for Open, Close, and Stop commercial operator functions, and a rotary switch to select which receiver/operator to control.